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Medical Hot Topics 2016

If you’ve started your interview preparation, you’ll know that NHS hot topics are a key part of a medical school interview. So it’s important that you know your news!

These pages will recap a couple of key medical hot topics for 2016. This is by no means exhaustive, just a selection of big news stories in medicine this year, from junior doctors to the Zika virus. For an idea of how to approach NHS hot topics in an interview, visit NHS Hot Topics Interview Question Bank, or our Complete Interview Guide: NHS Hot Topics.

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7 day NHS

7 day NHS in a nutshell:

You will have read a lot in the news about the seven day NHS. A recent study found that a patient is 15% more likely to die if they are admitted on the weekend than if they are admitted mid-week. The government wants to prevent these deaths by ensuring that weekend services are available at the same standard as weekday services.

What would happen in a 7 day NHS?

What are the consequences of the 7 day NHS?

Interview questions on the 7 day NHS:

Junior doctors’ contract

Junior doctors’ contract in a nutshell:

You will have heard a lot about junior doctors in the past year. This is big news for aspiring medics hoping to work in the NHS. In a nutshell: dispute between junior doctors and ministers started over the introduction of a new junior doctors’ contract which introduced new terms. These terms included Saturday as a working day, and were designed to provide the seven day NHS detailed above.

What is the new junior doctors’ contract?

What are the consequences of the junior doctors’ contract?

Interview questions on the junior doctors’ contract:

Mental health services

Mental health services in a nutshell:

Mental health services in England currently deal with a range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and psychosis. One in three people experience mental health problems while in employment – and recently the NHS has worked to increase much-needed funding for mental health services.

What is being done to improve mental health services?

What are the consequences of the improvements to mental health services?

Interview questions on mental health services:

Zika virus outbreak

Zika virus in a nutshell:

This summer, the World Health Organisation declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency, putting it in the same category of importance as Ebola. The biggest concern is the impact the virus will have on pregnant women and foetuses developing in the womb.

What is Zika virus?

What are the consequences of Zika virus?

Interview questions on Zika virus:

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