If you’re preparing for a Medicine interview at Anglia Ruskin University, check out this guide to the common interview questions you can expect.

Anglia Ruskin Medical Interviews

Medicine interviews for Anglia Ruskin University usually begin in December and also run throughout January. The confirmed interview dates for 2023 entry are: 5-9 December 2022, 12-13 December, 5-6 January 2023, 9-13 January and 16 January.

To shortlist candidates for interview, all applications are checked to ensure that they meet the minimum academic requirements (e.g. a minimum of AAA predicted A-Levels or ABB (if a WAMS applicant)).

Those who pass this minimum requirement are ranked based on their UCAT score. Additional points are given to those living or studying in the East of England, with Essex being most preferable.

Those with the highest scores from this ranking are invited to interview. As the number of applications and the scores of students vary from year to year, there is no pre-determined minimum UCAT score required.

For 2021 entry into the A100 course, there were 1243 applications, 600 interviews and 226 offers made post-interview.

Anglia Ruskin begins to send interview invitations from November onwards.


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How Is Anglia Ruskin Interviewing For 2023 Entry Medicine?

Anglia Ruskin University uses the MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) format for its Medicine interviews. There are usually 8 MMI stations, with 7 minutes allotted to each station.

As exceptions, for 2021 and 2022 entry, MMIs were adapted and held online. Anglia Ruskin anticipates that interviews will be held in-person for 2023 entry.

International applicants should also be prepared to attend an interview.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Anglia Ruskin Medical School

At Anglia Ruskin University, the following topics are often covered in the interviews:

Sample Medicine interview questions might include:

  • What is the difference between honesty and integrity?
  • Should childhood vaccinations be compulsory?
  • Are there any situations where lying can be justified in Medicine?
  • Tell me about a time you demonstrated good communication.
  • What are some important qualities needed in a good leader? Why are leadership skills important in Medicine?

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Tips For Answering Anglia Ruskin Interview Questions

Understand how Anglia Ruskin will assess you

The aim of the interview to gauge how well prepared and motivated you are to study Medicine, and also to test how well you respond on your feet to different situations under pressure.

Interviews are scored against three criteria:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Initiative and problem-solving
  • Personal integrity and moral reasoning

On top of the individual scores per station, an overall Global Score is given to encapsulate your performance as a whole. The score options are: poor, unsatisfactory, satisfactory, good, and excellent. The Global Score is used in tie-breaking situations.

Know your Personal Statement well

It is crucial to know your Personal Statement well for the interview, as interviewers may use it.

Even if your Personal Statement is not explicitly asked about, it can still provide you with a good starting point for your answers.

For example, you may be asked what the attributes of a good team leader are. In addition to stating some skills and qualities, such as clear communication and effective listening, you may also want to explain how you have demonstrated these traits – and you may have already written about this topic in your Personal Statement.

Under the pressure of a timed interview setting, it can be challenging to think of examples on the spot, so your Personal Statement may provide some ideas.

Explain your thinking

In an interview situation, you will probably feel nervous and might find it difficult to organise and express your thoughts logically. However, doing this is key in demonstrating clear and effective communication. Responding in a coherent manner really makes a difference and creates a good impression for the interviewer.

For instance, you may be asked to instruct the interviewer to unwrap a wrapped box using only verbal instructions. It can be all too easy to assume that they know what you mean by something as simple as left and right – but are you referring to their left or your left?

The simplest way to practise good communication is to practise answering different questions with someone who knows nothing about the topic. If they are able to understand what you are saying, or can comprehend how you got from one point to another, then it likely means that you are able to explain your line of thought well.

For more tips on how to answer interview questions at your Anglia Ruskin Medical School interview, see How I Secured An Offer From Anglia Ruskin University.

How Are Interviews At Anglia Ruskin Assessed?

The decision of an offer will be based on performance at interview alone. No other factors, including academic performance, will be considered at this stage.

Anglia Ruskin usually gives out offers only after all interviews are completed.


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