Dentistry Tutors – Get Into Dentistry With Specialist Tutoring

Our specialist Dentistry Tutors help aspiring Dentists to master every step of the application process, from Personal Statement support through to Dentistry interview tuition. Save up to 15% with our multi-hour discounts.

Specialist Dentistry Tutors

Our Dental Tutors are specialists in the application process, and from top Dental schools like King’s College London.

All Angles Covered

Sessions are entirely bespoke, covering any aspect of your Dentistry application – from UCAS, to aptitude tests, to interviews.

All-rounded Approach

Our 3-step strategy helps you improve performance across every stage of the application process with professional guidance.

Group 7

“I am a prospective dental student and I had an hour of Dentistry tuition with Alessandra. After receiving Dentistry tuition from other companies, I personally find your tutors to be the best. Thank you for your time and your carefulness when selecting applicants as tutors for The Medic Portal.”


Dentistry Tutee

Our Method: Dentistry Tuition In 3 Steps

Our Dentistry Tutors are all trained in our 3-step strategy to improve performance across every stage of the application process.

Step 1: Understanding

Our Tutors will help you to gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanics behind the challenge you’re facing.

Step 2: Application

You’ll turn your theoretical understanding into practice, under the close guidance of your Dental Tutor.

Step 3: Performance

Everything you’ve learnt will become second nature, empowering you to perform in any environment.

Our Pedagogy – Created By Academic Experts

The pedagogy that underpins our Dentistry Tutoring has been carefully crafted by experts. We base our tutoring on Krathwohl’s six stages of learning. Our approach blends social constructivism, deliberate practice and cognitive load theory to coach you towards unconscious competence.


Specialist Dental Tutors, Trained By Our Doctor-Led Team

We only work with Dental students or Dentists from top schools, such as King’s College London. Every single Dentistry Tutor has highly specialised knowledge of getting into Dentistry – and they have been through our rigorous training process that was designed by academic lead and practising Doctor, Dr Christopher Nordstrom.


Role Models For Aspiring Dentists

We believe it’s important that you can look up to our Dentistry Tutors, and that they inspire future Dentists. That’s why we only work with Dentists and Dental students that are engaging, enthusiastic, inspiring, relatable, motivating, adaptable, supportive, focused, and understanding.


Turn Interviews Into Offers With Interview Tutoring

Our Dentistry Tutors have first-hand experience with Dental interviews and know just how to help you focus your interview prep. Your Dental Tutor could:

  • Help you focus on answering Dentistry questions
  • Build your confidence with manual dexterity tasks
  • Get you ready for Dentistry MMI circuits

Sessions are bespoke to you, and will include detailed interview feedback.


Save Up To 15% With Multi-Hour Discounts

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5 Hours


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How Are Sessions Organised To Suit Me?

You can book from 1 to 15 hours of Dentistry tuition. After booking, a Tutoring Coordinator will be in touch. Sessions will be organised to suit you. If you book 15 hours, for example, these can be delivered in 2-hour increments. Our Dentistry Tutors will deliver sessions online, anywhere in the world.

Speak To One Of Our Experts

Want to speak to someone about our Dentistry Tutoring? We’re happy to discuss your individual circumstances and how we can help. Drop your details in the form, and one of our expert team will get in touch to talk about your tutoring requirements.

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Preparing For Dentistry MMIs?

We’ve got specialist practice circuits just for dentists!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some frequently asked questions on Dentistry Tutoring and our Dentistry Tutors

Who are your Dentistry Tutors?

Our Dentistry Tutors are doctors, or doctor-trained medical and dental students.

How do you choose your Dentistry Tutors?

We get lots of Dentistry Tutor applications, but we only choose the best. Successful Dentistry Tutors must complete a rigorous training process.

Can I get a discount on tutoring?

Yes! You can unlock discounts when booking 5, 8 or 15 hour blocks.

How will my sessions get arranged?

After booking, you will be sent a short form. Once this is submitted, you’ll be contacted by our Tutoring Coordinator to finalise your sessions at a time to suit you.

Can my sessions be done any time?

Of course. We work with your Dentistry Tutor to find session times that suit you.

Can I use my hours across multiple sessions?

You can. We suggest blocks of at least 2 hours with your Dentistry Tutor. If you book quite a few hours, these can be delivered over a number of sessions.

Do I get to pick my Dentistry Tutor?

Our dedicated tutoring coordinator will match you to the best Dentistry Tutor for you. If you’ve already had sessions and want to keep the same tutor, that’s no problem at all.

How many hours of Dentistry Tutoring do I need?

It depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Many candidates have more than 15 or more hours to prepare for the exam thoroughly. To work on a small, specific problem, fewer hours can work well. However, we recommend a minimum of 2 hours per session with your Dentistry Tutor.

Ready to get ahead? Book your first session.

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