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We’re the original MMI Course creators. Our incredibly popular MMI Circuits are attended by thousands of students, year after year. We're excited to offer our MMI Prep live online. Secure your place now for just £120!

Now Live Online

The MMI Circuits are now a fully-interactive virtual experience. This ensures the safety of learners, and provides an insight into what you might experience in the real thing.

The #1 MMI Prep

Our MMI Course is the most popular way to prepare. It's trusted by thousands of students, every year. These circuits are so ingrained, they are part of the DNA of interview prep.

Realistic MMI Stations

Face 20 MMI stations. You will tackle 10 yourself, and observe a further 10 with your partner. Stations are designed to replicate what you will experience in your actual MMI.

Medicine MMI Circuits, Live & Fully-Interactive

Our MMI Courses will be delivered virtually this year. This protects the safety of learners and tutors. It also provides great prep for possible online MMIs.

COVID-19 has led to a lot of changes. Our team of in-house Doctors and preparation experts has worked tirelessly to transfer our winning MMI Prep formula to an online format.

Group 7

“My daughter was very happy with the practice circuit. It’s worth every single penny paid. I do highly recommend it to others. I cannot really thank you enough. It was an absolute treasure.”


MMI Interview Course

See What Happens At Our MMI Interview Courses

Want to know how our MMI Circuits work? No problem. We’ve created a snappy 60-second video to show you what happens at our MMI Course – and what students make of it. Remember, this much-loved structure will be converted to a virtual experience in 2020.

Group 8
Group 7

“I did the MMI Circuit earlier this year. I just want to say THANK YOU! It was an immensely useful experience. I had two interviews and have two offers – I will be starting at KCL this September!”


MMI Interview Course Attendee

What Do The 20 MMI Stations Cover?

Our MMI Prep stations have been carefully designed by Doctors to represent those used by medical schools around the country. You will tackle 10 scenarios yourself, just like a real interview day. Then, you will double up your learning by observing while your partner faces 10 new scenarios. So, you’ll experience 20 stations in total.


What's Included with the Course?

Here's what you'll get at the MMI Interview Course:

20 MMI Stations

Experience 20 realistic MMI practice stations

Performance Assessment

Receive comprehensive feedback from examiners

85,000-Word Guide

Comprehensive, Doctor-created interview guide.

Doctor-Created Guide To Medicine Interviews!

  • Interview Preparation Checklist
  • Core Knowledge of the NHS, Ethics and Current Affairs
  • Buzzwords and Glossary of Terms
  • Types of Medical Trial
  • How to Tackle Drug Calculations
  • 100 Common Interview Questions
  • MMI Mark Schemes
  • Drug Calculations: Answers

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Combine MMI Circuits with our interview strategy course to save 20%, or try our Interview Bootcamp!

Interview + MMIInterview Bootcamp

Looking for Dentistry MMIs?

We run dentistry-specific circuits!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some common queries about our MMI Interview Course

Do you have in-person MMI Courses this year?

Our MMI Interview Courses will all be delivered live online this year. It’s not just about keeping everyone safe – we think MMIs will be virtual, so this is the best way to prepare for MMIs.

What's the difference between the MMI Course and the Medicine Interview Course?

The MMI Circuits simulate a real interview situation, but the Interview Course is about teaching strategy for every interview type. Many students use both for their interview preparation – and you can save 20% when you book our Interview & MMI Package.

Can I get a discount if I buy more than one course?

We have an Interview & MMI Package that’ll save you 20%, and we have more popular packages listed at the bottom of this page and on our homepage.

How will I know how to join the course?

We’ll send you a confirmation email when you book, and then you’ll get joining instructions a few days before the date.

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