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Save up to 25% on the UK’s most popular interview prep, trusted by thousands of applicants every single year. Fuse Doctor-taught strategy with realistic MMI simulation, mock interviews, and online learning. Lock in improvements with 5*-rated Tutoring. Our prep sells out every year – don’t miss out!

Doctor-Delivered Strategy

Get proven interview strategies, straight from qualified Doctors, at our one-day Interview Course.

Popular MMI Simulation

Experience a real MMI with the most popular simulation course, attended by thousands every year.

Doctor-Designed e-Learning

Cement your learning with 13-Doctor-created online modules and an 85,000-word online guide.

Realistic Mock Interviews

Tackle a series of half hour mock interviews with instant feedback to put theory into practice.

1-2-1 Interview Tutoring

Add 5*-rated tutoring with Comprehensive & Mastery Packages – optional upgrade to Doctor-delivery.

Save Up To 25%

By booking an Interview Prep Package, you’ll save up to 25% on the most interview popular prep.

Group 7

“I just want to say THANK YOU! I had two interviews and have two offers – I will be starting at KCL this September!”


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We’re The Most Popular Medicine Interview & MMI Prep Providers

Here are some reasons you can trust us.

40,000+ Students Taught

We’ve taught 40,000+ aspiring medics. Millions more have used our trusted content.

500+ School Partners

We’ve taught at over 500 schools, including many of the Sunday Times’ top 50 independents.

5* Reviews Every Year

We’re platinum 5* award-winners with Feefo, thanks to three consecutive years of 5 star reviews.

Platinum Award-Winning, 5*-Rated Service Provider

We’ve got hundreds of independent five-star reviews on Feefo. That’s why we won their Platinum Trusted Service Award for the second consecutive year in 2023. Our internal feedback system shows recommend rates of over 90%+ from thousands of students.

Get Offers & Get Into Medicine This Year

87% of respondents to our 2022-23 Customer Survey got at least one offer to study Medicine, Dentistry or a related course. 89% of these ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that the prep they did with TMP contributed to this outcome.

Group 7

“Thanks to your priceless advice, I was able to secure a place at one of my top choices.”

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Explore Our Interview & MMI Packages And Pick The Right Prep For You!

We offer three packages. Scroll down for more detail, or press the orange button to book now. You can now also book upgraded Comprehensive and Mastery Packages with Doctor-delivered tutoring.

Foundations Package

Cover the bases with Interview & MMI Courses + eLearning. Save £73.

Comprehensive Package

Add a series of private mocks and 1-2-1 tutoring to the mix. Save £205.

Mastery Package

Add another 10 tutoring hours to your prep package. Save £478.

Package #1: Interview Foundations (Save £73)

Get prepared. Our Interview Foundations package will give you the tools you need to excel in Interviews and MMIs.

Book Foundations Package

Package #2: Interview Comprehensive (Save £205)

Get ahead. Our Interview Comprehensive package builds on this with the addition of half-hour mock interviews and private tuition.

Upgrade to Doctor-delivered tutoring available!

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Package #3: Interview Mastery (Save £478)

Blow interviewers away! Our Interview Mastery package turbocharges your performance, with more mocks and tutoring.

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Group 7

"My daughter ... landed three offers – from Imperial, Bristol and St George’s University of London. International applications are notoriously competitive, so the result speaks for itself!”

Recent Student

How Do Packages Work & How Much Can I Save?

With Interview Prep Packages, you’ll save up to 25% on the RRP of everything included. That’s up to £478 for our standard Mastery Package – or £628 for the Doctor-Delivered version! You can also choose between live online or in-person courses at no extra charge. Ready to pick your package? Scroll down to see standard package options, followed by the Doctor-Delivered versions.


Build A Package That Suits You

Can’t see an option that best meets your needs? You can now bundle products together and get 15% off. Simply select 3 or more products from the list, from our UCAT Course to Interview Tutoring, and you’ll get an automatic 15% discount.

Try it now

Get The Most Popular Interview & MMI Prep

RRP £490
Interview & MMI Foundations - Save 15% (£73)


Interview & MMI Prep Packages

  • 1-Day Interview Course
  • 20-Station MMI Circuit
  • Online Interview Course
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RRP £1,025
Interview & MMI Comprehensive - Save 20% (£205)


Interview & MMI Prep Packages

  • Everything in Foundations
  • + 5 Hours of Tutoring
  • + 3 Mock Interviews
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RRP £1,915
Interview & MMI Mastery - Save 20% (£478)


Interview & MMI Prep Packages

  • Everything in Comprehensive
  • Upgrade To 15 Hours Tutoring
  • Upgrade To 5 Mock Interviews
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Upgrade Your Package For Doctor-Delivered Tutoring

Save £245
Comprehensive (Doctor-Delivered Tutoring)


Interview & MMI Prep Packages

  • Includes all Comprehensive components
  • Tutoring delivered by qualified Doctors
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Save £628
Mastery (Doctor-Delivered Tutoring)


Interview & MMI Prep Packages

  • Includes all Mastery components
  • Tutoring delivered by qualified Doctors
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Prefer Private Interview Tutoring?

Our specialist tutors are here to help! Save up to 25% with multi-hour discounts.

Explore Interview Tutoring
Want To Discuss Your Options?

We’re happy to help. Drop us a line and one of our tutoring coordinators will get in touch to discuss your requirements and the best Interview Prep Package for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our Interview Packages? Here are some common queries answered.

How much will I save with Packages?

When you book one of our Packages you’ll save 15, 20 or 25% on the full price of everything included, depending on which option you choose.

What's included in the Packages?

It depends on which package you select. They all include live Medical School Interview Courses, MMI Circuits and our Online Interview Course.

Comprehensive & Mastery Packages include Medicine Mock Interviews and Medicine Interview Tutoring.

How will I get everything associated with the Package?

You’ll get a confirmation email with codes to select dates for courses and programmes and and unlock all your subscriptions.

Where can I see Course dates?

You can see MMI Course dates here and Interview Course dates here. Don’t forget to come back to this page to book the Package and get your saving!

Can I do Courses & Tutoring in person?

You can choose between live online or face-to-face Interview Courses and MMI Circuits. Mock Interviews and Tutoring take place virtually but are delivered in real-time by top tutors.

How do I book Doctor-Delivered Tutoring?

If you want the tutoring in your package delivered by a qualified Doctor, go to the ‘Upgrade’ above.

Ready to book? Choose your package.

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