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Looking for private UCAT Tutors? Take your preparation to the next level with 1-2-1 UCAT Tutoring, tailored to you. Sessions start from £80 and you can save up to 15% with our multi-hour discounts.

Trusted Worldwide

We teach UCAT strategy to thousands of students each year. Unlike other prep providers, we’re also trusted to teach in-house at some of the world’s best schools.

UCAT Specialists

Our team of UCAT Tutors have been through a rigorous selection process. And they are all trained by qualified doctors with years of UCAT experience.

Global Presence

Our UCAT Tutoring clients come from around the world. Students in the UK, Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia (and many more) have all achieved better scores with our help.

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“I found UCAT tutoring sessions to be incredibly useful and was able to achieve a score in the top 15% […] In the end, I received all four offers for medicine.”



What Makes Our UCAT Tutoring Different?

We could list all the things that make our UCAT Tuition different. Like our global reputation as UCAT experts. Our partnerships with top schools and the Royal Society of Medicine. Or our proven track record of boosting UCAT scores. But that would take a while. So, we made this short video showing what makes our tutoring stand out!

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How Are UCAT Tutoring Sessions Structured?

Your UCAT Tutoring sessions can cover the whole exam. Or they can focus on the sections you find most difficult. It’s up to you. All of our UCAT Tutors are equipped with score-boosting strategies for every section. Sessions often involve:

  • Assessing the student’s current performance level
  • Teaching proven strategies to improve weak points
  • Cementing strategies through worked examples

“My tutor was so nice ... she took my score from around 2200 in practice papers to 2660 in the real thing – the 77th percentile! I couldn’t have got that score without this help. My tutor was very good at working out where my techniques were going wrong and how to help me with it ... I now have two offers for Medicine!"



How Are Sessions Organised To Suit Me?

You can book from 1 to 15 hours of UCAT Tuition. After booking, a Tutoring Coordinator will be in touch. Sessions will be organised to suit you. If you book 15 hours, for example, these can be delivered in 2-hour increments. Our UCAT Tutoring sessions can be delivered online, anywhere in the world.

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Save Money With Multi-Hour Discounts!

5% Discount
5 Hours


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10% Discount
8 Hours


UCAT Tutoring Booking

  • Save 10%
  • Regular Price £640
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15% Discount
15 Hours


UCAT Tutoring Booking

  • Save 15%
  • Regular Price £1,200
  • Delivered Online
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Want to speak to someone about our UCAT Tutoring? We’re happy to discuss your individual circumstances and how we can help. Drop your details in the form, and one of our expert team will get in touch to talk about your tutoring requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some common questions about our Tutoring and UCAT Tutors

Who are your UCAT Tutors?

Our UCAT Tutors are doctors and doctor-trained medical students.

How do you choose your UCAT Tutors?

Because we are so well known, we get lots of UCAT Tutor applicants. We only choose the best – and they must all completed a rigorous training process.

Can I get a discount on UCAT Tutoring?

Yes! You can unlock discounts when booking 5, 8 or 15 hour blocks.

How will my sessions get arranged?

After booking, you will be sent a short form. Once this is submitted, you’ll be contacted by our Tutoring Coordinator to finalise your sessions at a time to suit you.

Can my sessions be done any time?

Of course. We will do our best with our UCAT Tutors to find session times to suit you.

Can I use my hours across multiple sessions?

You can. We suggest blocks of at least 2 hours. If you book quite a few hours, these can be delivered over a number of sessions with your UCAT Tutor.

Do I get to pick my UCAT Tutor?

Our dedicated tutoring coordinator will match you to the best UCAT Tutor for you. If you’ve already had sessions and want to keep the same tutor, that’s no problem at all.

How many hours of UCAT Tutoring do I need?

It depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Many candidates have 15 or more hours to prepare for the exam thoroughly. To work on a small, specific problem, fewer hours can work well. However, we recommend a minimum of 2 hours per session.

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