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If you didn’t receive your medical school offers, you may be considering a UCAS Clearing option, so we’ve written a guide to medicine Clearing to prepare you for results day! You can use clearing to find a place at medical school if you didn’t receive your offers, declined the offers you did receive or didn’t get the grades to meet your offers.

Read on to find out which medical schools offer Clearing places, how to apply for medicine through Clearing – and what to do if you can’t get a place this way.

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Why do universities offer Medicine Clearing?

UCAS Clearing allows medical schools to fill the spaces on their courses – this means they can open these spaces to students who may have the grades required to gain a place but may not have received offers at other universities.

Here is some advice from a Swansea Graduate who has been through Medicine Clearing.

Which universities offer Medicine Clearing?

St George’s are offering Clearing places for 2020 – you can find out more, including their hotline numbers, on their Clearing blog.

The universities offering clearing places differ from year to year – take a look at the table below to see which universities are offering clearing places for medicine. 

Medical SchoolCourseUCAS CodeEntry Requirements for ClearingPhone Number
Anglia Ruskin UniversityMedical Science BSc (Hons)B19096 UCAS Tariff points from a minimum of two A Levels (or equivalent) including a pass in Science (Biology or Chemistry are preferred)

IB: 24 points - must include a Science subject at Higher level (Biology or Chemistry are preferred)
01245 68 68 68
Anglia Ruskin UniversityMedical Science (with Foundation Year) BSc (Hons)B19148 UCAS Tariff points from a minimum of 1 A Level (or equivalent)

IB: 24 points
01245 68 68 68
Bangor UniversityMedical Sciences B100128-112 UCAS tariff points from A Levels (including Biology and at least one other science from Chemistry (preferred), Medical Science, Physics or Maths) or equivalent qualification0800 085 1818
Bangor UniversityMedical Sciences With FoundationB110 48 UCAS Tariff points from a minimum of 1 A Level (or equivalent). UCAS Tariff points acquired from BTEC Level 3 Diplomas are accepted. 3 GCSEs at grade C, or grade 4, or above, including English and Maths.0800 085 1818
University of BuckinghamMedicine MB ChB71A8A Levels: AAB (Chemistry required, as well as Mathematics or Biology)

IB: 34 points
01280 734341
University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)Medical Sciences (May)2G95UCAS Tariff: Not accepted
A level: BBB
University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)Medical Sciences (January)2G85UCAS Tariff: Not accepted
A level: BBB
University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)Medical Sciences (Foundation Entry)AA90 UCAS Tariff: 80 points, including at least 2 Science courses to year 12 study
A level: 80 UCAS points at A2
01772 830777
University of ChesterMedical Science (including a Foundation Year) BSc (Hons)B99172 UCAS tariff points

A Levels: DDD (to include Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry and Science)

IB: 24 points (to include four in HL Biology and four in HL Chemistry)
01244 567 470
University of ChesterMedical Science BSc (Hons)B990112 UCAS tariff points

A Levels: BBC - BCC (to include Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry or Science)

IB: 26 points (to include five or above in HL Chemistry or HL Biology)
01244 567 470
University of Leicester Medicine (with a foundation year)A199UCAS Tariff: Not accepted
A level: BBB, including Chemistry or Biology, plus one other science from Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology. General Studies and Critical Thinking are not accepted. Maths and Further Maths count as one subject. Human Biology and Biology count as one subject.
0116 252 5281
London Metropolitan UniversityMedical Sciences (two-year accelerated degree) BSc (Hons)B368120 UCAS tariff points from at least three A levels, including a minimum B grade in Biology and Chemistry

A Levels: BBB (with B in Biology and B in Chemistry)

0800 032 4441
Newcastle UniversityMedical Science BSc (Hons)B902A Levels: AAA-AAB (including Biology or Chemistry, plus at least one from: Mathematics or Further Mathematics; Physics; Psychology; Biology; or Chemistry. Use of Mathematics, World Development, communication and Culture and Critical Thinking are not accepted.

IB: 34-35 points (with Biology or Chemistry and another science at Higher Level grade 5 or above.)
0800 073 5050

Oxford Brookes UniversityMedical Science BSc (Hons)B190104-112 UCAS tariff points (one science required. Offer will be at 104 tariff points for applicants with two Science A Levels).

IB: 30 points (Grade 4 Science HL, Grade 4 Maths SL, Grade 4 English SL)
01865 483030
University of SheffieldMedicine (Phase One)A100 A level: AAA - A*AA. Three subjects to include Chemistry and Biology or Human Biology. General Studies and Key Skills not accepted. A Levels must be completed within two years of course commencement, within one sitting.0114 222 2000
St George's, University of LondonMedicine MB BSA100A Levels: AAA (Three subjects to include Chemistry and Biology or Human Biology. General Studies and Key Skills are not accepted and A Levels must be completed within two years of course commencement)

IB: 36 points (HL: 18 points, with a minimum score of 6 in at least Biology and Chemistry. SL: A minimum score of 5 must be attained in Mathematics (or Maths Studies) and English, if at least a B grade has not previously been attained in GCSE level Maths and English)
0300 303 0457
Swansea UniversityApplied Medical Sciences BSc (Hons)B100A Levels: AAB-ABB (Should include an A in Biology and one other STEM subject: Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics)

IB: 128 UCAS tariff points
0800 094 9071

It’s important to note that, due to the competitive nature of medicine, limited places are available through Clearing, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t gain a place this way. Many students choose to take a gap year to reapply to medicine next year. You can read more about how to do this on our Reapplying to Medical School page.

How do I make an application for Medicine through Clearing?

Applying for medicine through Clearing is relatively straightforward. You can also find out more about Clearing on the UCAS website

  1. Use the UCAS search function to search for medicine course vacancies. These will be snapped up fast, so the quicker you contact them the better!
  2. Contact the universities you’re interested in asking them if they will accept you.
  3. If the university will accept you, you then upload the details of the course under ‘Your choices’ and then ‘Add a Clearing choice’ in Track.

Want advice from a student who has been through the clearing process? Take a look at this piece from a Swansea Graduate.

If I’m thinking of applying for Medicine through Clearing, what should I do before Results Day?

  1. Make sure you have your Clearing number and UCAS Personal ID number (these can be found on your UCAS Track under ‘Your Choices’, so make a note of this beforehand), your predicted grades, your Personal Statement and your GCSE results. You could print these out if necessary.
  2. Bring a pen and paper to jot things down while on the phone.
  3. If you have an idea of the universities you might like to contact, make sure you research them before you call them – you may be asked why you want to attend that particular medical school on the phone, so make sure you have an answer!
  4. Remember to charge your phone before results day – you’ll need it to call the universities!

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What should I do if I can’t get a place through Clearing?

Don’t panic! Gaining a place for medicine through Clearing is very competitive. Many students choose to take a gap year to strengthen their application, and reapply the next year.

A gap year is a great opportunity to gain more work experience, boost your UCAT or BMAT score or improve your interview technique – and many medical schools look favourably on re-applications as it demonstrates commitment to medicine.

If you’re unsure of your next steps, why not book a General Advice Session so our team of experts can advise you on the best route to take next?

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