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In this opening module you’ll find out more about medical school interviews, the difference between panel based and MMI, and what to expect at each one.

In this module, find out how to approach different question types, structuring your answers, as well as how to make the best first impressions.

In this module we’ll explore how to approach these stations, showcasing different techniques with video clips of good (and bad!) approaches.

In this section, we'll look at different types of empathy question, showing you how to structure your answers for maximum marks.

We will explore how to ‘teach’ in an MMI interview, adapting your communication and teaching style according to the scenario.

In this module, we will be exploring common medical ethics questions, along with how to approach these using the four pillars.

Here, we will look through concepts including the GMC, honesty and integrity - and how these may apply to specific situations.

We will explore what constitutes good teamwork and leadership as well as looking at roles within the multidisciplinary team.

In this module, we’ll explore how this is asked in panel and MMI interviews, learning how to reflect, demonstrate resilience and manage stress.

This module will look at how to structure answers on motivation for medicine, as well as deal with questions such as ‘why not nursing?’ and ‘what makes a good doctor?’.

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