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NEW & IMPROVED! Stand out at Medicine interviews. Improve at your own pace, with 7+ hours of interactive, self-directed online learning, created by doctors with years of interview experience. Includes access to a 200+ page guide packed with current affairs, MMI mark schemes and 100+ interview questions.

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The Ultimate Online Interview Course

Doctor-Created Interview Strategy

7+ hours of online teaching, created by doctors with years of interview experience.

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Fully-Interactive Modules

Fully-interactive modules, carefully crafted to accelerate improvement in your performance.

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200+ Page Guide

Includes all the latest current affairs, MMI mark schemes and 100+ worked interview questions.

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Doctor-Created e-Learning Modules

General Interview Technique

This module covers the basics of how to tackle any interview. From how to make a great first impression through to how to structure your answers for maximum points.

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Online Interviews

Find out how to adapt and prepare when undertaking an online interview, and how this differs from in-person interviews.

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Insight into Medicine

Interviewers are looking to ensure that you understand medical careers, and that you’re passionate about Medicine. Discover how to show this.

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Work Experience

Work experience questions are common, and an excellent way for interviewers to assess your insight into a medical career.

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Teamwork & Leadership

Medicine is a team game. You need to be able to both work in and ultimately lead a team, and demonstrating the basics of these skills at interview is crucial.

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Multidisciplinary Teams

Learn about allied healthcare professionals and the other members of the multidisciplinary team, and how these questions appear at interview.

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Questions on the NHS can be challenging. Learn about the basics of the NHS and how to approach common NHS interview questions.

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Personal Insight

This module explores the concepts of self-reflection, identifying and coping with stress, and how you deal with failure and show resilience.

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Breaking Bad News

Learn how to break bad news properly and sensitively, following a structured approach to ensure you secure top marks.

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Empathy & Communication

Learn how to confidently tackle empathy and communication skills questions in both panel and role play based MMI stations.

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Teaching & Explanation

Teaching and explanation stations are common in MMI interviews. Learn how to tackle these confidently to maximise your marks.

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Professionalism & The GMC

Professionalism and ‘what would you do if…’ stations are common at interview. This module teaches you how to confidently tackle these.

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Capacity & Consent

Capacity and consent are challenging concepts, but often asked about in ethics and professionalism MMI stations.

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The Ultimate Interview Guide

200+ pages. 85,000+ words. All the latest updates to current affairs, MMI mark schemes and 100+ worked interview questions.

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