UCAT Situational Judgement

The Situational Judgement section of UCAT assesses your non-academic abilities, focusing on integrity and adaptability in ethical scenarios. 

This section is quite different from the other UCAT sections and has a different marking system. So understanding how it works and what is being tested is key. 

This page will help you prepare for the Situational Judgement section by breaking it down and providing tips to help you get ahead. 

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What Is Situational Judgement?

Situational Judgement is the final of the five sections of UCAT. It involves assessing real-world scenarios, identifying important factors and appropriate responses.  

You’ll get 26 minutes to answer 69 questions, related to 22 scenarios. This allows just 70 seconds per scenario and around 23 seconds per question. 

It’s the only UCAT section that uses a 1-4 band scoring system, with band 1 being the highest performing band and 4 the lowest. 

What Is The Question Format?

Situational Judgement is made up of multiple-choice and ranking-style questions.

These can be broken down into the following question types:

What Skills Are Tested?

The Situational Judgement section assesses your people skills by asking questions centred on ethics, empathy, integrity, team-work and communication. It’s important because, as a doctor, you’ll be working with other medical professionals as well as patients and it’s essential to have good people skills.

Average Situational Judgement Scores

The average Situational Judgement score in 2019 was Band 2, with 40% of UCAT takers scoring in this category. This is also the average band score between 2015 and 2019.

Average Situational Judgement ScoresBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4


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Situational Judgement In 60 Seconds

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