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How To Use Your UCAT Scores When Shortlisting Medicine Choices

Join us for a live webinar when we’ll outline what a high, average and low UCAT score looks like for 2022 entry. We’ll also help you understand which UCAT universities place a high emphasis on scores, and which don’t, so you can apply strategically and maximise your chances of getting into Medical School.

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Note-Taking Strategies For Medical School, in partnership with Quizlet

Prepare for Medical School with this exclusive webinar all about note-taking strategies.
You’ll hear from a current Med Student who’ll share the best approaches to taking notes – and give you a sneak peak at some real-life notes.
You’ll also find out more about how using Quizlet can help you to be more efficient and effective with your note-taking.

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Revision Strategies For Medical School Exams, in partnership with Quizlet

Join this live webinar to get help preparing for your first Med School exams.
You’ll hear from a current Med Student, who’ll share some best practice tips for revising – and give you an exclusive look into how students actually revise.
You’ll also get some insight from Quizlet, and learn more about how the app can help with your exam revision.

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