Private Consultation – Get Expert Help On Your Journey Into Medicine

Our personalised sessions, tailored to Year 9–Year 11 students, and Year 12 students, are designed to assess your potential to succeed as a Medicine applicant. During our academic interview, we will carefully evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement, providing you with specific guidance to enhance your application. Our consultants will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive and tailored strategy, covering crucial aspects such as university and course selection, college choice, personal statement, admissions tests, and interviews.

Navigating The Process

This is your opportunity to learn about the Medicine application process and how to navigate it.

Choosing Your Universities

Sessions often cover choosing the right universities, eg which make most sense based on your UCAT score.

Personal Statement

We’ll review your personal statement, ensuring you communicate your passion for Medicine effectively.

Admissions Tests

We will guide you through the preparation process and give useful tips for how to succeed! Our mock UCAT test is included.


Mastering the art of interview is essential for the final stage of your application! We’ll advise you on the process from start to finish.

Final Decision

We’ll advise you on the most optimal school option for you based on the offers you’ve received, helping ensure a successful start to your career!

Students in Year 9 – 11

Students this age will be looking ahead to a series of strategic decisions. Your senior Medical Application Consultant or Director will use the Consultation to advise on:

– The importance of GCSE grades in the medical selection process.
– A-Level or IB subject selection strategy for a medicine application.
– University choice strategy including the non-medical option and the ‘golden window’.
– Guidance on UCAT test strategy.
– Medical programme choice and ‘best fit’ for the Traditional Model, Integrated Model or the PBL Model.


Students in Year 12

Students in Year 12 are one year away from their Medicine Application deadline (the October of Year 13) so we ask all students this age to complete a 30 minute Admissions Test Indicator for the UCAT at the start of their consultation, to determine their skill level.

The remaining hour will be divided between a medicine mock-interview and then a strategic discussion about application next steps which parents are also invited to join.


How To Book

You can book directly on the website, call a member of our team on +44 (0)20 8834 4579 or reach out to us via email at [email protected] to get booked in. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions!


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Private Consultation


Private Consultation

  • Review your application profile
  • Get tips on the best application strategies
  • Discuss your best med school fit
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