Foundation Medicine Courses

You may be considering a Foundation Medicine Course if you have a good academic background but you don’t have much science education. It’s also another way of getting into Med School if you’ve missed the required grades.

This guide to Foundation Medicine Courses explains how they’re different, and whether it’s the right options for you.

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What is a Medicine Foundation Course?

A Medicine Foundation Course is designed to prepare you for medical education, and it might be referred to as a ‘pre-clinical year’.

There are two main types of Medicine Foundation Courses:

Which Medical Schools Offer Medicine With Foundation Year Courses?

Alternative Medicine Foundation Courses

Some other Med Schools offer standalone Foundation Courses, which will boost your Medical School application. Some will even earn you an interview for Med School once you’ve finished. The following universities offer standalone Foundation Courses:

A foundation course might be right for you if:

Having more than one science A-Level (or similar qualification) will make you ineligible for some Foundation Courses. However, some courses will require you to have some level of science education.

How Do I Apply For A Foundation Medicine Course?

You have to apply for a Foundation Medicine Course via UCAS, just like you would for a standard degree. But before you apply, please check the criteria – most are means-tested.

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