Volunteer Remotely & Boost Your Medicine Application

Do something amazing - for society and your Medical School application! Award-winning charity Kissing it Better (KiB) will facilitate your virtual volunteering experiences supporting older people. Alongside these, you'll get one year's access to companion modules and masterclasses, designed to make you a better applicant. The programme includes TMP MedSoc: application-boosting e-Learning throughout the year.

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On Kissing It Better

Here's What The Programme Includes

Regular virtual volunteering opportunities, reinforced by online learning to boost your application.

Meaningful Volunteering

Volunteer regularly with Zoom sessions at care homes.

10 Companion Modules

Crystallise your learning with 10 companion modules.

Live Masterclasses

Join live masterclasses to develop your skills further.

TMP MedSoc

Turbo-charge your application with a year of TMP MedSoc.

Application Boost

Showcase your experience in Personal Statement & interviews.

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'I wanted to say a massive thank you for all of the amazing opportunities and support so far!'


2020 Student & Volunteer

Meaningful Volunteering with Care Home Residents

You’ll get the opportunity to support older, isolated people by joining supervised Zoom sessions in Care Homes. During these sessions, you’ll be able to interact with the residents and ask them questions or listen to them share their stories. You’ll see the positive impact of these sessions first-hand, and get plenty of inspiration for reflection when it comes to writing your Personal Statement.*

*Please note that all volunteering is unpaid. You will not be placed with a Doctor.

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Enhance Your Experience With 10 Companion Modules

You’ll also get access to 10 companion sessions that will help you crystallise and reflect on your experience to make you an even stronger Medicine Applicant! Sessions cover topics including:

  • How you can volunteer safely during the pandemic
  • How volunteering changes lives
  • How to evidence your volunteering in preparation for interviews
  • How to develop your communication skills
  • Unique stories of volunteering
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Develop Your Skills With Masterclasses

On top of the remote volunteering opportunities and the companion modules, you’ll also be able to join Masterclasses to develop your skills further. Delivered by Kissing it Better, these will cover everything from tips on communicating with older, vulnerable people to how to make a meaningful connection over the phone, or how you can volunteer safely.

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Turbo-Charge Your Application With TMP MedSoc

You’ll also get access to the 15 Doctor-delivered modules in TMP MedSoc, where you will:

  • Experience Problem-Based Learning
  • Pinpoint the right medical school for you
  • Unlock the secrets of aptitude tests like UCAT
  • Face ethical dilemmas and make life and death decisions
  • Write the perfect Personal Statement
  • And so much more!
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With Kissing it Better, As Seen On ITV & BBC

Your volunteering will be facilitated by Kissing It Better (KiB), an award-winning charity with a mission to tackle the isolation of old age. Since 2011, KiB has been taking young people into hospitals and care homes (in-person and now virtually). It has organised thousands of intergenerational projects across the UK and beyond. Their work is recognised by top educational and medical organisations. Now you can be part of it!

Experiences Endorsed by the BMA, Hospital Trusts and Many More

KiB’s life-changing work has been recognised by:

  • Hospital Trusts and Care Homes across the UK
  • The British Medical Association
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Many other organisations linked to health
  • Outstanding Contribution Award, Patient Experience Network
  • Care of Older People Award, Nursing Times
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  • Participate in Zoom support sessions in care homes, facilitated by KiB
  • Get access to volunteering companion modules released throught the year
  • Get a 1-year subscription to TMP MedSoc
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Answers To Common Queries About This Volunteering & Reflection Programme

How does it work after I book?

You’ll get access to Online Modules and TMP MedSoc, which you can access on our website. You’ll be sent a link to register with KiB, who will be in touch about your volunteering experiences.

How can I be sure that the volunteering/work experience opportunities I gain from this initiative will count towards my Medical School application?

Leading Doctors and other health experts have spoken positively about KiB’s volunteering programme on national television. Leading health organisations, including the BMA and NHS England actively promote this on their websites.

Will I be paid for volunteering?

The idea is to help people and build your skillset. You will not be paid for volunteering.

Will I be placed with a Doctor?

This programme is based upon providing support to older generations. It does not involve placements with a Doctor.

Is it remote volunteering?

Yes – in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, this programme is delivered online. Volunteering involves online support. Any images of volunteers in contact with older people took place before lockdown.

How can I access meaningful volunteering/work experience placements without contravening COVID-19 restrictions

KiB’s ‘Volunteering from Home’ initiative, backed by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, offers ways to make a meaningful difference to patients and their relatives remotely.

What ages is this suitable for?

This Volunteering & Reflection programme is suitable for students in year 9 and above.

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