Physician Associate Case Study: Bradley Sewell

27th November 2020

Ever thought about pursuing a career as a Physician Associate? Check out Bradley Sewell's journey to becoming a Physician Associate at Swansea Medical School University.

Interview Tips: Knowledge of Medical Schools

24th November 2020

These tips will help you showcase your knowledge of Medical School at your interview


Have You Thought About Studying in Antigua To Be A Doctor?

18th November 2020

The American University of Antigua College of Medicine has a generous scholarship program, Spring admissions, and you can train to become a Global Clinician

UCLan MBBS student

5 Tips For Studying Medicine In The UK

16th November 2020

A third-year MBBS student at the University of Central Lancashire shares their tips for studying Medicine


Interview Tips: Empathy

10th November 2020

It's notoriously hard to show empathy in your interview. Follow these tips and you'll ace the empathy element

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Interview Tips: Interest

9th November 2020

Check out our very best tips to help you demonstrate your depth and breadth of interest in Medicine at your interviews


Interview Tips: Creativity

9th November 2020

Creativity questions aren't designed to catch you out. These tips will help you answer challenging questions with grace

Tricks for Medical Ethics Questions

Interview Tips: Ethics

9th November 2020

Don't fall into the ethics trap! Instead, follow these tips to help you answer ethics questions skilfully

Medical School

Interview Tips: Knowlege of Med School

6th November 2020

These tips will help you to make sure you've covered all bases when it comes to researching your shortlisted Med Schools and their Medicine course


Interview Tips: Teamwork

5th November 2020

Five top tips to help you answer teamwork questions or ace teamwork tasks during your Med School interviews


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