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Weekly News Summary – 21st June 2018

21st June 2018

Welcome to this week’s news summary blog, bringing you the key stories in health news from 15th to 21st June. This week the use of medicinal cannabis in the UK could be reviewed by the government, the number of elderly people diagnosed with cancer is expected to significantly increase over the next 20 years and…

3 Things You Might Not Expect

3 Things You Might Not Expect In Your First Year of Med School

20th June 2018

So after the long application process and months of waiting you have been accepted onto your medical course. You’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement, nervousness and uncertainty about what to expect when you start. All first year medical courses will have differences in their content and structure, but here I have laid out some…

5 Questions to Ask on Med School Open Days

19th June 2018

Open days are the perfect opportunity to ask current students what they really think of their course and their experience of the medical school. You don’t want to be asking questions that you could easily find out online or in prospectuses (e.g. what the entry requirements are, how long the course is etc) Instead, take…

How to Make Most of Summer Before Med School

How to Make the Most of the Summer Before Med School

18th June 2018

With exams behind you and a glorious long break stretching ahead, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what to do over the summer holidays! Instead of tearing your hair out waiting for Results Day to arrive, why not consider some of these ideas? Want to be kept up to date on clearing for…

Abortion Argentina

Weekly News Summary – 14th June 2018

14th June 2018

Welcome to this week’s news summary from the 7th to the 14th June 2018. This week, a vote is taking place on a crucial bill that would legalise abortion in Argentina; it’s been reported that more than 2,300 visa applications by doctors looking to work in the UK have been refused, despite NHS shortages –…

4 rejections into 4 offers

5 Action Points to Turn 4 Rejections into 4 Offers

13th June 2018

The first time I applied to medical school I struggled to grasp the concept of receiving no offers, despite it being a very real possibility. The thought of four rejections is daunting and you may be thinking it’s the worst case scenario, but let me explain why it isn’t as scary as it first may…

Work Experience Competitive

How Much Work Experience Do You Need for a Competitive Application?⠀⠀

12th June 2018

Wondering what kinds of medical work experience you need for a competitive application? From hospital placements to voluntary work, it can be difficult to know exactly how much work experience you need. We spoke to several medical students about the work experience they had when applying… Read more about the kind of work experience med…

5 Most Common UKCAT Queries Answered

5 Most Common UKCAT Queries Answered

11th June 2018

It’s that time of the year – a batch of new medical school applicants will go to sit the UKCAT. If you are one of those people you probably have a whole bunch of questions about the exam, and understandably so, as the UKCAT is very different to all the standard exams we’re used to…

Relaxed Visa Rules

Weekly News Summary – 7th June 2018

8th June 2018

Welcome to The Medic Portal’s weekly news summary blog, bringing you the key stories in health news from 1st to 7th June. This week the leading UK health think tanks have recommended that visa rules for NHS recruitment are relaxed, research published suggests that having your tonsils removed triples your risk of asthma and poor…

Gap Year

5 Things to do on Your Gap Year to Boost Your Med School Application

6th June 2018

1. Get feedback from the universities you applied to If you’re planning to take a gap year, this is definitely the first thing you should do! Contact all the places you received a rejection from and find out exactly what it was that let you down – try to get as much information as you…


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