Answering ‘Why I Want To Be A Doctor’ After COVID

21st June 2021

Get tips on how to express your motivation post-COVID from the Deputy Director of Medical Education at the University of Buckingham.

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How I scored 900 in Quantitative Reasoning

17th June 2021

Discover how Alice scored full marks in the quantitative reasoning section of the UCAT

A student sits looking at her ipad

8 UCAT Situational Judgement Tips

12th June 2021

These situational judgement tips will help you score above Band 3, and make it past the cut-off of many UCAT unis.

6 UCAT Abstract Reasoning Tips

11th June 2021

Abstract Reasoning tips to help you spot patterns, remember AR strategy, and work on your test performance

UCAT Tutoring

12 UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Tips

11th June 2021

This blog details our top UCAT Quantitative Reasoning tips - from online practice to writing down important info.

17 UCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips

10th June 2021

Boost your VR score with the ultimate list of verbal reasoning tips

UKCAT Decision Making tips

9 UCAT Decision Making Tips

10th June 2021

Check out these nine UCAT decision making tips for some of our very best advice on how to master this challenging subtest

Learn from Home

How I Reached The Top UCAT Decile

4th June 2021

This aspiring Medic tells us how she reached the top decile (with a UCAT score of 2,910) and earned multiple offers to study Medicine

Before UCAT

4 Things To Do Before Booking Your UCAT

3rd June 2021

UCAT registration opens soon! Unsure of what to consider before booking your exam? Find out here!

BMAT Course

How I Scored 3440 In The UCAT

25th May 2021

Poppy scored an impressive 3,400 in the UCAT – just 200 points short of full marks! Find out how she did it.


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