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Didn’t Meet Your Dentistry Offer? Next Steps

18th August 2017

Results day can be an emotional rollercoaster, and it can be incredibly disheartening to miss the grades you needed for your offer. However, this doesn’t mean your chance of being a dentist is over – there are many different paths to dentistry. This blog will guide you through your options if you have missed your…

Re-applying to medical school

How I Re-Applied to Medical School

17th August 2017

If you’ve been unsuccessful in securing a place at medical school, it’s worth remembering that reapplying is always a viable option. Many students, including myself, have received offers after reapplying and in many ways the experience will significantly strengthen your future applications. When did you re-apply? I had unsuccessfully applied to study medicine four times and…

UKCAT 2017

Not Made it to Med School? Your Next Steps

16th August 2017

You may be at the receiving end of those horrible UCAS Track emails with the dreaded “unfortunately your application was unsuccessful…”. Alternatively, everything may have been going pretty smoothly up to the last hurdle: you’ve received your A-Level results and found out that you have not quite met your conditional offer. When you’ve worked so…

How to Plan Ahead for Your PS

How to Plan Ahead for Your Personal Statement

15th August 2017

Your medicine personal statement is an important part of the application process, so it’s best to start thinking about it early. Here are some top tips on how plan ahead for your personal statement. Starting early Year 13 is a very stressful year. From applying to university to completing exams, you will struggle to find…

Health inequality

Weekly News Summary – 14th August 2017

14th August 2017

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the news summary blog. This blog keeps you up to date with all the latest medical news. This edition will cover the key health stories from 7th to 13th of August. This week, data revealed that the number of children living with type 2 diabetes is increasing, depression…

500 New Medical School Places

500 Extra Medical School Places – and What That Means for You

10th August 2017

You will have heard the news that the government has announced an extra 500 medical school places for next year. So: what are the new plans and how does this affect you? Read on to find out more! What are the government’s plans? Following the Department of Health’s announcement in October 2016 promising to create…

5 Things to Know Before Dentistry Work Experience

5 Things to Know Before Starting Dentistry Work Experience

Is dentistry the right career path for you? Dentistry work experience is the best way to find out! Whichever form of dentistry you’ll be observing, this guide will fill you in with everything you need to know to make the most out of your work experience. 1. Keep a journal of your experience Often a…

Would a traditional course suit you

Would a Traditional Course Suit You

9th August 2017

As many of you will have already found out from scouring through the details of medical school courses across the country, each university varies slightly in its teaching methods. There is, however, a general three-way split between the ways universities deliver their medicine courses. This split is as follows: traditional, integrated or Problem-Based Learning (PBL)….

4 Steps to Prepare for the UKCAT

8th August 2017

Starting your UKCAT preparation but not sure where to start? From the UKCAT tutorial to using practice questions in timed conditions, here is a four-step strategy to prepare for your UKCAT effectively. 1. Use the UKCAT Tutorial A helpful place to start is the official UKCAT tutorial, which has been developed by the UKCAT Consortium. This provides…

Mental health care

Weekly News Summary – 7th August 2017

7th August 2017

Hello and welcome to our news summary blog at The Medic Portal. This week we will be discussing health stories on the following themes: developments in foetal DNA editing, inadequate funding for mental health care, and progress in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Developments in foetal DNA editing For the first time, scientists have succeeded…


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