interim ucat scores 2021

Interim 2021 UCAT Scores Released

20th September 2021

Find out what the interim 2021 UCAT scores mean - and how you can use this information to help you shortlist your Medicine choices.

Beating The Odds: My 5-Year Journey To Studying Medicine

7th September 2021

Kenyan student Maya shares her story of how she turned adversity into opportunity with the University of Central Lancashire.

5 Things to do After UKCAT

5 Key Things to do After UCAT

2nd September 2021

From planning your personal statement to keeping up with medical news, here are your next steps...


How I scored over 3000 in UCAT and Got Four Offers!

20th August 2021

Find out how Roisin scored so highly in the UCAT - and how this helped her to secure all four offers.

5 Tips to Stay Calm During UCAT Prep

12th August 2021

Make sure you manage stress and don't burn yourself out with UCAT prep


Why I’m Glad I Missed Out On A Medicine Place In The UK And Chose To Study Abroad

11th August 2021

Dr Anjuli Kaur tells us why choosing the American University of Antigua College of Medicine was a blessing.

Update: New Brokerage System For 2021 Medicine Places

10th August 2021

Find out how the new places are being allocated.

Additional Medicine And Dentistry Places For 2021 Announced

6th August 2021

Everything you need to know about the increase in Medicine and Dentistry places.

Swansea grad entry medicine

How Studying Medical Pharmacology Can Support Your Medicine Career

3rd August 2021

Swansea's BSc Medical Pharmacology is an option worth serious consideration.

ucat calculator

Tips For Using The UCAT Calculator

30th July 2021

Don't get caught out by the UCAT calculator! Here are some useful tips to keep in mind to help you save valuable time during UCAT.


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