When Are Med School Interview Invites Being Sent Out?

28th November 2022

See a list of when we expect each Medical School to send their interview invites, broken down by each month.

Books To Read Before Your Medical School Interview

22nd November 2022

Whether you're looking for insight into the life of a Doctor or a patient perspective, read these books before your Medical School interview.

21-Step Medical School Interview Prep Checklist

22nd November 2022

Are you really ready for your Medical School interview? Make sure you go through this 21-step checklist before the big day!

4 Tips For MMI Resilience And Probity Stations

22nd November 2022

Prepare for MMI resilience and probity stations at your Medical School interview with these four tips from a medical student.

A Week In The Life Of An International Year 3 MBBS Student At UCLan

21st November 2022

Hear about a week in the life of a third year medical student at UCLan, including Med School teaching and clinical placements.

4 Tips For Panel Interview Success

18th November 2022

Discover how to ace a panel interview for Med School – with top tips from a Barts medical student.

Breaking bad news MMI

Tips For Breaking Bad News MMI Stations

16th November 2022

Breaking bad news is a lot of pressure, so here are some tips to help you ace this type of MMI station at your interview.

Tricks for Medical Ethics Questions

Interview Tips: Ethics

8th November 2022

Follow these tips to ace ethics questions at your Medical School interview - and avoid falling into common traps!

How To Plan Your Medicine Interview Prep

4th November 2022

Find out how to make the most of your time preparing for interviews – with tips from a medical student at Imperial College London.

UCAS Application Stats For 2023 Entry Medicine

31st October 2022

UCAS have published their data on applications for 2023 entry Medicine. Find out the key information here.


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