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LIVE NOW! What is Problem Based Learning? Find out now. And give it a try! Immerse yourself in a PBL experience!

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LIVE NOW! Tackle a range of ethical scenarios, based on the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Step into a doctor’s shoes at a time of crisis!

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Personal Statement

LIVE NOW! In this module, we explore how to write a stand-out personal statement!

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Choosing A Med School

LIVE NOW! We explore factors involved when shortlisting your medical school choices.

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Aptitude Tests

LIVE NOW! We explore one of the most important steps in your application: UCAT and BMAT.

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Oxbridge Medicine

LIVE NOW! How is studying medicine at Oxbridge different from other universities?

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Life As A Doctor

LIVE NOW! Many people aspire to become a doctor. But what's it really like?

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LIVE NOW! Explore the multidisciplinary team through a problem-based learning exercise.

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Capacity & Consent

LIVE NOW! In this module we’ll explore some of the basic principles surrounding capacity and consent.

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Christmas Quiz

LIVE NOW! Compete in the TMP Christmas Quiz! Answer 20 fun medically-themed questions. How many will you get right?

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Common Conditions

LIVE NOW! Want to learn about common medical conditions? Enjoy PBL? Then this module is for you!

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Mental Health

LIVE NOW! This module explores mental health and how to support yourself and others. Delivered with a PBL approach.

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LIVE NOW! In this module we will explore a basic overview of the NHS, from its foundation to the future plans.

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LIVE NOW! We explore vaccines, from how they act, to the different types of vaccines available in the UK. 

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Preparing for University

LIVE NOW! We'll look at how to prepare for the transition from school to university.

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