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Medical School Rankings

Are you considering which medical schools to apply to in 2018? You’ve come to the right place – this page will provide you with up to date medical school rankings!

These medical school rankings are created using a variety of factors (for example, graduate employability or student satisfaction). These factors are added up to create an average, which produces an overall score for the university. The aim of this page is to compile these scores to provide a table of the top medical schools across the UK and internationally in 2018.

Universities score differently in UK medical school rankings according to the different factors, and these vary from year to year.

It’s important to choose the university which is right for your requirements. This may mean the best medical school for you scores highly in facilities spend, or degree completion, or graduate prospects – or all three!

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Medical School Rankings UK: Universities

Here are the top thirteen UK universities, which we compiled by combining the Guardian‘s top ten list with Complete University Guide’s top ten for 2018.

Many universities, like Oxford and Cambridge, appeared in both tables. However, some scored very highly on one site but did not appear in the other due to a different scoring system – hence thirteen schools in our table!

You can rank the top medical schools according to different factors (for example, you could filter by the Guardian score, or by student satisfaction):

InstitutionComplete University Guide overall scoreGuardian score (out of 100)Graduate prospects (out of 100)Student satisfaction (out of 5)
Queen Mary, University of London97.788.91004.24
University College London97.180.3993.86
Imperial College London97.0781003.98

Medical School Rankings UK – how are they judged?

The above table is ranked using the following criteria to measure the best medical schools:

  1. Complete University Guide overall score
  2. Guardian score – the Guardian have also created their own way of ranking universities which is largely based on student perspective
  3. Graduate prospects – a measure of graduate employability
  4. Student satisfaction – borrowed from the National Student Survey

However, top medical schools are also ranked with the below criteria too to give them an overall score on the Complete University Guide:

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Medical School Rankings: International Universities

International universities use a different ranking system to the UK to list their best medical schools, and this is a lot more difficult to find online. Top Universities ranks them according to an overall score, as well as by academic and employer reputation – though it is unclear how these are assessed. The table below shows how international universities score in medical school rankings:

Ranking 2017 (Top Universities Overall Score)InstitutionLocation
Harvard UniversityUnited States
93Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States
93Stanford UniversityUnited States
92.8Karolinska InstitutetSweden
91.2University of California LALos Angeles, US
90.5Yale UniversityUnited States
89.5University of CaliforniaSan Francisco, US
88.9University of TorontoToronto, Canada
88.8Massachussetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States
88.4Columbia UniversityUnited States

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