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The Medic Portal (TMP) is a leading resource and training provider for everyone who wants a career in Medicine — and those that advise them. We are officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine.

TMP engages with over a million users a year online, and works with hundreds of schools across three continents each year. And we are growing all the time!

Most recently, we have launched The Medic Portal in Australia. We are delighted to bring our UCAT resources and courses to help a whole new community of aspiring medics in Australia!

What does The Medic Portal do?

Our organisation was founded by practising doctors and full-time education professionals. Training aspiring medics isn’t a sideline for us; it’s what we do, 24/7.

We are officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine: the world-leading medical authority that counts Darwin and Pasteur among its members.

Watch Janice Liverseidge, Marketing & Communications Director of the RSM, talk about our partnership:

How do you work with schools?

TMP was founded by doctors in 2013. The goal was simple: to provide a 100% trustworthy, one-stop-shop for aspiring medics.

The quality of our teaching and our innovative approach to online and offline learning quickly saw us establish a long list of partner schools.

These range from top independents, to state schools and Academies – many of whom benefit from our Widening Participation bursary schemes.

Our work now spans three continents. We have helped aspiring medics in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. You can also read our Teachers’ Guide to the medical school application process here.

Want to know what our partner schools say about our work? Visit our School Reviews Testimonials page. You can also read Student and Parent Reviews.

Do you help with Widening Participation?

We work closely with the RSM to widen participation into medicine, and to meet the goals of the medical schools Council’s ‘Selecting for Excellence’ Report.

We offer bursaries to non-fee-paying schools and students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Learn more about our Widening Participation scheme.

How can you help me with my medicine application?

Our website has become a go-to resource for all aspiring medics – offering free information and advice, supplemented by e-learning and offline training tools.

Our free 100+ page Application Guides covers each stage of the medical school application process, including:

Do you offer courses and tutoring to help with my application?

We offer a range of online and offline courses and tutoring services for each stage of the application process, including:



Personal Statement


Wondering why you should choose us for your medical school application help? Read our Why TMP? page. 

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