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It is important to note that ‘Accepted’ equates to the number of offers given out by the Medical School. This normally exceeds the number of places available.

Furthermore, in light of the new Linear A-Level system, please see our AS level Admissions Policy Updates Table for every UK Medical School to see how your application could be affected.

Please note that while this table is maintained to the best of our ability and is checked regularly, entry requirements do change and we cannot therefore guarantee the complete accuracy of all information at all times. We recommend contacting the Universities directly before making any significant application decisions.

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Phone (Medical School Direct Line)
E-mail (Medical School)
Course Structure (Traditional / Integrated / PBL / CBL)
Applications pa
Accepted pa
Success Ratio
Graduate Entry Available (Y/N)
Foundation / Access Courses Available (Y/N)
Intercalated BSc (Compulsory/ Selective/ None)
GCSE Subjects Required
A-Level Subjects Required
A-Level Grades Required
Scottish Highers Subjects Required
Scottish Higher Grades Required
Scottish Advanced Highers Subjects Required
Scottish Advanced Highers Grades Required
IB Subjects Required
IB Grades Required
UCAT Required (Y/N)
How is UCAT used?
BMAT Required (Y/N)
How is BMAT used?
Interview Style (Traditional / MMI)
Fees (EU students)
Fees (Non-EU students)

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