A Personalised ‘Get Into Medicine’ Programme, Just For You

The Medic Portal Bespoke is a 100% personalised service. It has only one aim: to get you into medical school. The development of your application will be overseen by experienced professionals. Book a consultation to discuss how TMP Bespoke can work for you.

Doctor Designed

The Bespoke programme was designed by a qualified doctor.

With You Every Step

Our experts will take you through every step of the process.

100% Personalised

Our most tailored service, built around you and your application goals.

Continuous Support

Enjoy a constant point of contact with your mentor and coordinator.

All Courses Included

All TMP’s popular prep courses and services are included.

Official RSM Partners

The Medic Portal is officially endorsed by the Royal Society of Medicine.

Group 7

“I managed to get 4 offers (from Imperial College, Kings College, University of Birmingham and St. George’s) … You have been a great support throughout the process, especially in helping us make the right choices for universities. I would highly recommend this … to anyone looking to apply for Medicine. Thank you so much!”


Bespoke Student

How Does The Medic Portal Bespoke Work?

The Medic Portal is officially endorsed by the Royal Society of Medicine and works with Eton College, Harrow School, Winchester College & hundreds of other top schools around the world. Get the best medical school prep – personalised just for you!

What Does The Medic Portal Bespoke Include?

Here’s what the Bespoke programme includes:

100% Bespoke Guidance

A tailored programme built around you, your requirements and your chosen universities. Created to achieve your goals.

Priority Access To All Services

In addition to hours of 1-2-1 help, you will get unlimited, priority access to every course, subscription and service we offer.

Continuous Communication

The only TMP programme that offers a continuous contact point. Speak with your programme coordinator and mentor any time.

Group 7

“My daughter is off to Cambridge next term … Thank you for the amazing coaching and advice you have provided … It was so good both to have the 121 coaching – and also the support when we had questions … she is off to university and starting on the road to becoming a doctor. In large measure due to your support.”


TMP Bespoke

Discover How Bespoke Would Work For You

As Bespoke is so personalised, there is no set price. The first step is to book a one-hour consultation with one of our experts. During this video call, we will discuss your needs and how the programme would work for you. There is no obligation to continue onto the full programme.


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TMP Bespoke Consultation

  • Discuss your application profile
  • Cost deducted from programme fee
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our TMP Bespoke? Here are some common queries answered.

How much is the programme?

As the programme is bespoke, based on you and your goals, our pricing is too. After your consultation, you will be quoted a price.

How does the consultation work?

The consultation lasts 1 hour and the cost is £295. We will assess your needs and outline how it would work for you.

What happens if I do go ahead?

If you go ahead with the full programme, we will deduct the cost of your consultation from the programme cost.

What if I do not want to proceed?

There is no obligation to proceed after your one-hour consultation, although the consultation fee won’t be refunded.

Who delivers the sessions?

A combination of doctors, application experts, and trained medical tutors handpicked to suit you and your goals.

Are all courses included?

Yes! Priority access to every TMP Course, subscription and offering is included in the cost of the Bespoke package.

Will I always have a point of contact?

Yes! You can reach out to your programme coordinator or medical mentor any time you have a question.

Does the programme guarantee success

We can never guarantee a positive outcome. But we do have an excellent success rate, with the vast majority of Bespoke students receiving at least one offer.

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