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Winning strategies for all interview types, delivered by doctors at the ultimate 1-day interview course.

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Blogs Read by Thousands of Aspiring Medics

Three Key Medical News Stories:12th December

Under the microscope in this weeks medical news we cover topics such as painful communication errors, safer online prescribing and NHS crisis.

5 Pressures the NHS Faces This Winter

The NHS is under increasing pressure year upon year, but winter is the time when the pinch is felt most. Here' s a rundown of 5 pressures the NHS faces.

Three Key Medical News Stories: 4th December

Are you keeping up to date with the latest medical news? Find out why artificial neurons, new contraceptives, and cholesterol have hit the headlines!

5 Top Tips for Staying Motivated at the End of Term

The winter term is the most tiring and by the last few weeks, it's hard to stay motivated and not switch to holiday mode early. Here are our top tips.

Three Key Medical News Stories: 28th November

Are you keeping up to date with the latest medical news? Find out why roadside air pollution, pembrolizumab, and breast cancer have hit the headlines!

Interview Preparation Tips - Part Two

This blog details our top interview preparation tips, games and advice on how to stand out in your interview. Read on to find out our top tips!

6 Top Tips for Succeeding in Your First Medical School Exam

Looking for tips to help you succeed in your first medical school exams? Read on for the best tips that will see you through the stressful season.

Diaries of a Manchester Medical Student - Part Two

Are you keeping up to date with the diaries of our Manchester medical school student? Read on to find out what she's been getting up to lately.

Trusted by Hundreds of Schools

Cheltenham Ladies' College

“We were hugely impressed with the UCAT training and the scores the students went on to achieve were undoubtedly improved as a result. The trainer provided a highly interactive experience and was clearly very much in touch with the detailed requirements of medical applications”

Cheltenham Ladies' College

Sir John Deane's College

"From your advice we made changes to how we support our aspiring medics - and as a consequence 17 out of the 18 students who applied for Medicine for have secured at least one interview and many have received offers back already. We also managed to get 3 out of 4 students into Cambridge, so we are absolutely delighted!"

Sir John Deane's College

Merchant Taylors' School

"The team are a pleasure to work with. From booking to delivery they are thorough and organised, but most importantly inspirational to the students. We use the team for UCAT, BMAT and Medical Interview training and their knowledge and professional expertise is invaluable for the boys."

Merchant Taylors' School


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