Your Medicine Personal Statement is your chance to really explain who you are, and why you want to study Medicine. You should think of it as your opportunity to inspire Admission Tutors with your motivation. Get your Personal Statement right, and you’ll really stand out from the pool of other Med School applicants.

What is a Medicine Personal Statement?

A Personal Statement supports your UCAS Application. It’s designed to help universities choose the best candidates.

More specifically, a Medicine Personal Statement is your chance to highlight any of your skills or qualities that you need to be a Doctor, and write about your motivation to study Medicine.

Medical Schools use your Personal Statement in different ways. Some won’t pay much attention to it, some will use it as a basis to shortlist who to invite to interview, and some will use it to form the basis of some interview questions.


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How Long is a Personal Statement?

Your Medicine personal statement will need to be 4,000 characters – roughly 500 words – over 47 lines.

What Should My Personal Statement Include?

Your Medicine Personal Statement should include the following three components:

  • Motivation — Why do you want to study Medicine?
  • Exploration — What have you done to learn about it?
  • Suitability — Why are you a great fit for Medicine?

We cover each of these in our guide about how to write a Personal Statement for Medical School.

How Should I Structure My Personal Statement?

The structure of your Medicine Personal Statement is a matter of personal preference, but we suggest the best format to follow is to cover the following points:

  • Why you want to be a Doctor (motivation)
  • Work experience – and what you learnt from it (exploration)
  • Volunteering (exploration)
  • Wider Reading and study (exploration)
  • Extracurricular (suitability)
  • Conclusion (motivation)

How Can I Get Help With My Personal Statement?

Getting feedback on your Personal Statement for Medical School is incredibly important.

You could ask your family to read your Personal Statement and give you feedback on how it reads, or if you’ve forgotten any accomplishments that they can remember. Another option is to ask a friend to have a read and see if it makes sense and gives a good impression of yourself.

You may prefer to get professional help with your Medicine Personal Statement since it’s such an important piece of writing.

It’s important that you write your own Personal Statement, but having it reviewed or being coached through the process of producing it can be incredibly beneficial. Some of the best options include:

Personal Statement Review

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