Widening Participation

The Medic Portal is committed to widening access into Medicine.

This is a key driver in our partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine, and our community website has been designed very much with this in mind.

In line with our Widening Participation scheme, we provide a range of free information, advice and learning tools, including our 100+ page Application Guide, a Personal Portfolio Tool and Interview Question Bank and answer guide. We also run a range of reduced-cost events to widen access into Medicine.

If you are a teacher at a state school and want to find out more about our bursaries or widening participation, please get in touch.

The Medic Portal Widening Participation Scholarship Scheme

For the application cycle 2019-2020, The Medic Portal launched a pilot Widening Access into Medicine scheme, which provided 20 students who met certain eligibility criteria with a scholarship package to support their application to study Medicine.

The participants in our scholarship scheme benefitted from free access to all of our online and in-person courses, covering the Personal Statement, UKCAT, BMAT and Interview.

Furthermore, students were assigned a Get into Medicine mentor to guide them through the application process, had access to Royal Society of Medicine video tutorials and had the chance to attend regular events including lectures, University visits and walking tours of London’s Medical History.

Widening Participation Events: TMP Aspire

TMP Aspire in Bristol
TMP Aspire in Bristol

An integral part of our Widening Participation scheme, our TMP Aspire events provide students with invaluable insight into the medical school process and boosting their application.

Students will hear from a variety of keynote speakers, including admissions tutors, practising doctors and medical students at a cost of just £10 per student.

Widening Participation Events: Teacher Conferences

Teacher Conference
Teacher Conference

Our Teacher Conferences provide up-to-date advice on the medical school application process so that teachers can advise their students accordingly.

As part of our Widening Participation scheme, tickets are now offered at a reduced cost of £99 per teacher to provide the best possible careers advice and guidance to all schools at an affordable price.

Widening Participation Testimonials

‘It was a real morale booster and the whole process was definitely very similar to the real thing, as I have done an MMI before. It’s really great that you offer bursaries, as it makes students like myself who are capable of studying Medicine but perhaps not able to access such resources able to compete on a level playing field with our more well-off peers.’

Widening Participation Candidate, MMI Circuit

‘I must say a very big thank you to you and all your team, on behalf of the girls you have helped at a local state secondary school, St Marylebone Girls’ School.

The unprompted and continued commitment, giving free places on your excellent courses has been highly valued and appreciated. Students have found the courses helpful, enjoyable, stimulating and inspiring.  In the words of one student  “it was amazing” .

There has also been a stem and branch effect, with the students directly benefiting going on to seed and disseminate what they have learnt to others, through the school’s student Medical Society.

Over half the pupils in this state school have a home language other than English and nearly half have free school meals. There remains a significant disparity between their ability and aspirations to apply to medical school and their achievement of offers. This is a serious need to address and the input from The Medic Portal is a great help.’

Dr Anna Pallecaros, St Marylebone Girls’ School (London)

‘The Access Project has used The Medic Portal’s UKCAT course as part of our Medicine and Dentistry Society Programme for both our 2016 and our 2017 entry cohorts. On each occasion we have found the course to be of excellent quality. The resources are well prepared and professional. Each section of the test is explored in detail with opportunities for students to complete practice questions in an interactive and fun way.

The tutors are confident and communicate the content very well. They are engaging and know their stuff! Our students leave feeling much more confident about how to approach the UKCAT. The website is also an excellent resource for both staff and students, our go to for all things Medicine and Dentistry. We look forward to working with The Medic Portal again in 2018.’

Siobhan Randell, University Access Manager, The Access Project

Widening Participation Partnerships

We currently partner with a number of institutions, who help us to widen access to Medicine.

New Partnership Opportunities

We are always looking for ways to help more students into the medical profession, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

If you are a widening participation group and would like to discuss ways we could help your pupils, please get in touch with us.

Alternatively, if you are an organisation interested in partnership opportunities, for example sponsoring an event to help widen access into Medicine, we would also like to hear from you.

For all enquiries regarding widening participation, please contact us here.

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