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Deciding on Medicine

Is Medicine right for you? Find out what makes a good doctor, including case studies of Medicine applicants and medical students

Medical Work Experience

What types of medical work experience are there? Find out about all of the options, what you can learn and how you can use them to your advantage

Choosing a Medical School

How do you choose a Medical School? Read information on course structures as well as a Medical School comparison tool.

UCAS For Medicine

How do you apply to Medicine through UCAS? Find out how the process works and take ownership of your application

Personal Statement For Medicine

What makes a great personal statement for Medicine? Our expert tutors provide detailed insights on how to stand out in 4,000 characters


What is the UKCAT? Find out what the examination covers, which Medical Schools use it and all the information that you need to score highly

BMAT Guide

What is the BMAT? Find out about all 3 sections, which Medical Schools use it and all the information that you need to score highly

Medical School Interview

How can you perform well at the Medical School interview? Find out about all interview types, including MMIs and top interview tips for Medicine

Graduate Entry Medicine

Applying to Graduate Entry Medicine? Find out who offers graduate entry courses, what is required and how they work

Studying Medicine Abroad

Thinking of Medicine abroad? It’s an increasingly popular option and we have all the latest information on it here

Studying Medicine in the USA

Thinking of studying Medicine in the USA? This guide will cover the AMCAS application process as well as studying for your MCAT and USMLE.

Studying Medicine in Hong Kong

Our guide will detail all aspects of studying Medicine in Hong Kong and international study for Hong Kong students in the UK.

Studying Medicine in Ireland

This section will guide you through all aspects of studying Medicine in Ireland, including the HPAT and entry requirements

Nursing & Allied Health

Are you considering other Allied Health professions? Learn more about your healthcare options here.


Are you considering dentistry? Find out about the application process, interviews, courses and more here.


Everything you need to know about the National Health Service - including its history, major challenges and what it's like to work for


Studying for your MCAT? Learn more about the aptitude test required by Medical Schools in the USA and Canada.

Parents' Guide

Is your child aiming to study Medicine? Our Parents' Guide details key aspects of supporting your child's Medicine application.


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