Online UCAT Course 2024 + Unlimited Question Bank

Our brand new Online UCAT Course has been optimised for speedy learning, with 30% more bitesize lessons & interwoven UCAT practice. It's presented by a team of top tutors, each teaching their specialist section. Designed around pedagogical principles, it's now fully mobile-responsive for learning on the go. Includes a season-long pass to our UCAT Question Bank, plus our 20hr legacy course!

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Why Is Our Online UCAT Course The Best?

30% More Lessons

Our Online UCAT Course now consists of 50+ individual lessons. There's a deeper-than-ever focus on specific UCAT strategies to help you score higher.

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Specialist UCAT Tutors

Throughout the course, a team of top UCAT tutors break down what the test looks like - and provide trusted tips for the section of the test they know best.

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UCAT Question Bank

Subscriptions to our Online UCAT Course include Question Bank access and can be purchased for 2, 4 or 6 weeks, or for the full UCAT season. This way, you'll be able to practise all the strategies you've learned in a realistic UCAT environment.

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Proven Pedagogy

Our teaching approach is based on pedagogical research, verified by academic professionals. Our UCAT Course content is anchored around the principles of Direct Instruction and Cognitive Load.

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In-Built Practice

You'll have a chance to try out all the strategies yourself, before our tutors walk you through the methodology. We'll build steadily towards high-scoring, autonomous performance.

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Mobile Optimised

Our Online UCAT Course is now fully mobile-responsive. Perfect for learning on the go!

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Interactive Modules for Every Section

Verbal Reasoning

Tackle time pressure and quick comprehension with our Verbal Reasoning lessons.

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Quantitative Reasoning

Get the ultimate Quantitative Reasoning strategy with these step-by-step lessons.

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Abstract Reasoning

Learn to think outside the box and understand complex sequences in our Abstract Reasoning lessons.

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Decision Making

In these lessons, we show you how to approach the varied and Decision Making section.

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Situational Judgement

Created by Doctors, our Situational Judgement tutorials will ensure you learn how to evaluate scenarios.

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