It’s important that you don’t overlook GCSE requirements when you’re choosing Medical Schools to shortlist. Some will place a heavy weighting on GCSE grades – perhaps overlooking your A level performance altogether – while others simply require a 5 in core subjects.

GCSE Requirements For Medicine

Most Medical schools require GCSE Maths, English and Sciences, and some will accept a Grade 5 as a minimum. However, most Schools stress that successful candidates will score 7s, 8s and 9s at GCSE.

It’s important that you know the GCSE requirements of each school so you can choose your subjects wisely – or shortlist your choices to universities where you definitely meet their criteria. You can check our Medical School Comparison Tool to see a side-by-side overview of GCSE requirements – then you should check each university’s website for more detail.


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GCSE Subject Requirements:

We’ve researched the entry requirements for every Med School in the UK, and have discovered that:

  • Most Med Schools require a GCSE in Maths (32 specifically state this subject)
  • 29 require English Language
  • 14 specify Chemistry
  • 16 ask for Biology
  • 7 state Physics
  • 18 will accept Double Science or any two Sciences instead of specified Sciences
  • Only one asked for English Literature alongside English Language

See GCSE Subject Requirements:

See which Med Schools require certain subjects with the table below. You can sort it by subject, so you can see all that require Physics together, for example.

Medical SchoolEnglish LanguageMathsChemistryBiologyPhysicsDouble Science as substitute
University of Aberdeenyyyyy
Anglia Ruskin UniversityyyAny two Sciences
Aston Universityyyyyy
Barts And The London School Of Medicine And Dentistry (QMUL)yyyyy
University of Birminghamyyyyy
Brighton & Sussex Medical Schoolyy
University of Bristoly
The University of Buckinghamy
University of CambridgeNot specified
Cardiff Universityyyyyy
University of Dundeeyyy
Edge Hill Universityyyyyy
The University of Edinburghy
University of Exetery
University of Glasgowyy
Hull York Medical Schoolyy
Imperial College Londonyyyyy
Keele Universitynot specified
Kent And Medway Medical Schoolyy
King's College Londonyyyyy
Lancaster Universityyyyyy
University of Leedsyyyyy
University of Leicesteryyyy
The University of Liverpoolyyy
The University of ManchesterNot considered
Newcastle Universityyy
Norwich Medical School (UEA)yy
University of Nottinghamyyy
university of oxfordyyyyy
University of Plymouthyyy
Queen's University Belfastyyy
The University of SheffieldNot specified
University of Southamptonyyyyyy
St Andrewsyyyyy
St George'syy
University of Sunderlandyyyyy
Swansea Universityyy
University of Central LancashireNot specified
University of WarwickNot considered

To see the GCSE grades required in each subject, use our Comparison Tool.

What are the Grade Requirements for Medicine?

The GCSE grades required differs greatly by Medical School. One may simply state that you need to get a grade 7 in Maths or a 5 in English Language, while others are more detailed and will list the subjects and grade combination. For example, one Med School requires 777666 to be scored across Biology, Chemistry, English Language, Maths and other subjects.

You can see all this detail when you Compare Med Schools with our tool.

Our research shows that:

  • Most (16) require a minimum of Grade 6 in at least one subject, usually Sciences and/or Maths
  • Nine Med Schools require at least one 7 at GCSE
  • Three have a minimum of Grade 5 in at least one subject
  • Eight state 4 as the minimum GCSE for at least one subject

If you have really strong GCSEs, you’ll want to focus on the Med Schools that place a greater emphasis on these grades. For example, the University of Nottingham will score your GCSE grades and UCAT scores when shortlisting who to invite for an interview.

If you are less confident with your GCSEs, you may want to shortlist Med Schools that have less competitive GCSE requirements – or place more emphasis on A level requirements.

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