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Understanding Medical School requirements will greatly boost your chances of securing a place to study Medicine.

That’s because it helps you to target the universities where you have the greatest likelihood of meeting their entry requirements and use your four UCAS choices wisely.

For example, some Medical Schools require an A at A-Level in Chemistry – but perhaps you’re predicted a B, or you’re not studying this subject. Alternatively, maybe you scored really highly in the UCAT test and you want to choose Med Schools that require a strong UCAT performance.

This guide to Medical School requirements will help you understand what to look for when you’re shortlisting universities.

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Do I Meet The Entry Requirements?

When looking at Medical School Requirements, the first thing to consider is the entry requirements:

Use our Medical School Comparison Tool to see the entry requirements for each school, and compare four at once.

What Admissions Test is Required?

You need to know if UCAT or BMAT is required by each Med School. You may find that your target universities only need one of these admission tests, so you could focus on only applying to UCAT or BMAT universities.

You’ll know your UCAT score before you apply, so you can use this strategically. If you scored highly, you may want to shortlist Med Schools that rank you by score. If you didn’t perform as well as you hoped, you should focus on those that don’t place such an emphasis on the test – as long as you meet their minimum score requirements. Our guide to UCAT universities breaks down how each one uses UCAT scores.

You won’t get your BMAT score until the end of November, which is past the UCAS deadline for Medicine. If you’re feeling confident, you may want to apply to a university that ranks applicants by BMAT performance – or you can choose universities that use this as just one of the ways to assess you. Our guide to BMAT Universities details how each one uses your score.

How Can I Check Medical School Requirements?

The quickest way to check Medical School requirements is with our Med School Comparison Tool. It shows you the requirements for GCSE, A-Level, IB, Scottish Highers, and Scottish Advanced Highers in an easy-to-read table – and lets you compare up to four at a time.

You should also check the course pages of each university, as there may be more detail or some nuances that you need to be aware of.

What If I Don’t Meet Medical School Requirements?

If you don’t think you’ll meet the Medical School requirements, some of your options include:

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