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Medical School A Level Resit Policies

On this page, you’ll find the A Level resit policies listed for each UK Medical School.

The table below should provide you with the best guide for deciding which universities to apply to if you’ve re-taken AS modules or A Level exams.

If you are unsure about any of the information provided, please don’t hesitate to call up the admissions tutors of the relevant universities to double check!

The A Level resit policies for each university below is accurate at the time of writing on the 23rd August 2016, and applies to 2017 entry applicants. All information taken is from the relevant pages of the universities’ websites, as well as admissions tutors.

Medical SchoolA Level & AS Level Resit Policy
AberdeenDo not normally consider applicants who have achieved less than the minimum requirements or who are re-sitting their examinations to upgrade results unless very serious personal difficulties at the time of the first sitting can be demonstrated. Appropriate supporting documentation therefore must be supplied from 1) academic tutors to verify very exceptional extenuating circumstances that have been declared at the time of the first sitting leading to this underachievement, plus 2) other professional bodies that have had appropriate involvement with the applicant's difficulties (e.g. hospital/GP certification).
BartsAll A level requirements must be achieved in one sitting over no longer than a 2 year period.
BirminghamA standard offer is A*AA. All A2 modules of three subjects must be undertaken in year 13. If a candidate is studying for 4 A levels, and one is completed in year 12 at grade A or above (or more than 50% of the modules have been examined), the offer for the remaining subjects studied in year 13 will be at least AAA.
Brighton & SussexCandidates resitting A levels will be considered, but only if you dropped by one grade for one subject - i.e. achieved AAB or A*AB at your first attempt instead of AAA. You will need to be predicted an A grade in the subject you orginally achieved a B in. If you have achieved anything lower, it is recommended that you reapply after you've completed your resits and met the entry requirements. Alternatively, if there are clear and strong mitigating circumstances, you may ask BSMS to consider your application on exceptional grounds. You will need formal evidence of your claim.
BristolA levels (or equivalent) should be completed within a single two year exam period.
CambridgeOne or two modular AS/A2 unit resits are allowed, when it can be clearly seen that the results previously obtained are not in line with previous academic performance. If you are planning on retaking a large number of exams, you must be able to explain on your UCAS reference and / or extenuating circumstances form why this is so.
CardiffCardiff will consider applications where modules have been re-sat in either AS levels or A level qualifications if they are to be taken during the standard two year A level period. Re-sits for applicants taken outside this 2 year period will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.
DundeeYou have to obtain your qualifications at the first sitting of examination.
EdinburghAll examination grades must be obtained at the first attempt of each subject. However, if you are sitting modular A levels, then you are allowed 2 AS level module resits. Those applying with resit qualifications (other than two AS level modules) will not be entered into the selection system unless under very exceptional circumstances for which there is verified evidence.
ExeterExeter will consider candidates with resits.
GlasgowNo, resits are not normally considered. The required grades must be obtained at one sitting (over the standard 2 years) and at the first attempt. Resits will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, for which you should contact the Admissions office prior to submitting your application.
Hull & YorkResits are accepted for modules when taken within the initial two year programme of post-16 education i.e. you can resit your AS modules in your A2 year. Resits taken after this time are not normally considered. If there are extenuating circumstances at your first attempt, then you will be considered if you can provide documentation on this.
ImperialAAA must be achieved in the first sitting.
KeeleThe required grades of A*AA are required from three A levels taken at a single sitting, i.e. during the standard 2 year A level programme.
Kings College Londntbc
LancasterLancaster Medical School will consider applications from applicants who have taken longer than 2 years to achieve the required A level grade, if other entry requirements are met. In the absence of mitigating circumstances, you must have achieved AAB or ABB in your first attempt.
LeedsThe minimum entrance requirements of AAA must be achieved at the first sitting and in the first attempt. Resits are only considered in extenuating circumstances.
LeicesterResits of modules done within the standard 2 year A level period are accepted, however, any resits taken beyond the 2 year time frame will not be considered.
LiverpoolA levels in three subjects must be taken at one sitting (over the standard two year programme). Modular AS levels can be resat during these two years.
ManchesterAll A levels must be taken at the same sitting after no more than two years of study.
NewcastleNormally, applicants are expected to have achieved the required A level grades at the first attempt. If you would like your resits to be considered, you must provide information on the extenuating circumstances, with evidence.
NorwichIt is expected that students complete their full A levels (AS and A2) over two years. If a student completes study outside of this period, including repeating the AS Year, they will still be considered. However, they would be expected to demonstrate a higher level of achievement, reflecting the longer study period, as detailed in our entry requirements. Any applicant resitting all or part of an A level is required to include their original grade on the UCAS application form. A level resits will only be considered if a minimum of ABB or A*A*C was achieved in the first sitting.
NottinghamIf you are sitting the modular A-levels, Nottingham will accept up to one module re-sit for every subject you are taking to full A-level, providing the re-sit is taken within the two years you are studying A-levels. Re-sits are not considered after a subject has been certificated.
OxfordThree A levels at the A*AA grades must all be sat and achieved within a single academic year. AS modules are an optional field in the UCAS form, and so are not usually considered. If you have retaken your A level because of extreme circumstances, you could be considered. A clear note of your circumstances should be made in the school reference.
PlymouthResits of modules done within the standard 2 year period are accepted. If you achieved minimum of AAB after taking your A2 exams, resits are accepted within a 3 year sitting as long you are predicted at least an A in the subject where you previously achieved B.
SouthamptonSouthampton are unable to consider applicants who are retaking A levels (A2/GCSEs/or equivalent qualifications. For mature non-graduates and those applying for the widening access course, retakes may be considered on a case by case basis provided there were exceptional circumstances. A levels should be taken at one sitting for all programmes and within the standard two years (years 12 & 13). A levels taken earlier than this will not be considered.
SheffieldFor A levels (A2s), the three A levels should be studied for no more than 2 years, must be passed on the first attempt and must be taken all at the same sitting. A levels taken early will not be considered. AS levels are not considered as requirements for the A100 programme.
St Andrew'sCandidates who take more than the normal number of years to obtain their qualifications will only be considered if there have been extenuating circumstances that are fully documented. The re-taking of AS modules would be allowed as long as the A2 qualifications were achieved after 2 years of study.
St George'sA levels must be completed withing two years. Generally, applicants with AS modules that have been resat will not usually be considered. If, however, you have proof of extenuating circumstances, then your application will be considered.
SwanseaGEM only - Swansea do not consider A levels in their admissions selection. You have to have a 2;1 or 1st. If you have a 2;2 you have to have a Masters.
UCL (University College London)A levels must be taken within the standard two year period (year 12 & 13). For modular A levels, AS modules can be resat within this 2 year time frame.
UCLan (University of Central LancashireResits for AS levels are considered, but A levels resat outside the timeframe of the standard 2 year A level programme (i.e. beyond years 12 & 13), will be considered at the admissions tutor's discretion.
WarwickGEM only - Warwick will consider applicants with A level resits.

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