Many Medical School interviews will take place online for 2024 entry. Find out who will be conducting MMIs or panel interviews online, and get tips on how to prepare for an online interview.

Virtual Medical School Interviews

Medicine interviews moved online during the Covid-19 pandemic, and numerous Medical Schools will continue to conduct their interviews online this year. As ever, make sure you check your invitation for the final details.

See a school-by-school breakdown of the latest information in our Interview Guide.

What Software Do I Need For Online Interviews?

As it stands, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Blackboard Collaborate are the three most common software programmes that are used for Medical School interviews.

Zoom Interviews

Universities that have confirmed they will be using Zoom this year so far:

  • Brighton & Sussex
  • Bristol
  • Brunel
  • Cambridge
  • Exeter
  • Glasgow
  • Newcastle (for international students)
  • Plymouth
  • Sheffield

Zoom is a cloud-based software that allows both video and audio, enabling live chat sessions to be recorded and viewed later.

To join a Zoom instant meeting, you will need an invite. This will be in the form of a unique 9, 10 or 11-digit number, also known as a meeting ID.

Prior to joining the Zoom session on a computer or mobile device, you should download the Zoom app in advance. If this isn’t done, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click the invite link.

Alternatively, you can join via a Chrome web browser, where you simply need to input the meeting ID.

A good way to get to grips with the software is by joining a test meeting.


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Microsoft Teams Interviews

Aston, Keele, Nottingham and Oxford have confirmed they will be using Microsoft Teams for 2024 entry interviews.

Slightly different from Zoom, Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that incorporates all Microsoft applications such as Skype and Outlook.

To join a Microsoft Teams Meeting, you will need a link from the organiser. Through the invitation, there will be an option to Join Microsoft Teams Meeting – clicking this will take you to a page which allows you to join either via the web or desktop app.

If you already have the app, the meeting will open automatically.

Microsoft Teams can be downloaded onto your desktop. You can also install the app onto your phone by simply entering your phone number or email to receive a download link. Like Zoom, it can be used through a browser too.

If you do not have a Teams account, provided the organiser has certain settings, you may have the option to join as a guest. If you do have a Teams account, you will have access to the meeting chat and more after signing in.

Blackboard Collaborate Interviews

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool that doesn’t require any app installation. It will be used by Dundee University for Medicine interviews in 2024.

To join a session, a moderator will need to send you a link. After clicking the link, Blackboard Collaborate will appear at the top of the screen.

You will see what session you have been invited to – once you’ve typed your name in the given space, you will be able to join the session.

Find out more about how to join a Blackboard Collaborate session on their site.

How Are Online Interviews Different?

Whilst in-person and online interviews will contain the same questions, there are some differences you should be aware of for the big day:

  • Location And Setup. You’re in control of where you are when you do an online interview, which should help you to feel more comfortable. But this can also add to the pressure, as you need to find the right place to set up.
  • Body Language. It’s harder to convey positive body language during an online interview, so you need to think about ways you can do this.
  • Speech. Sometimes there can be lag during video calls, so your speech needs to be adapted in anticipation of this.

These are our top tips to prepare for online interviews.


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