3rd December 2021
If you’re applying for 2022 entry Medicine, you could start getting your Medicine interview invites any day now – or you might have even received some already! Here’s a guide to when Med Schools are sending out their interview invites, plus which types of interview they’re doing, so you can effectively plan your interview prep.

These Med Schools Have Already Started Sending Invites

  • University of Dundee – They’re doing traditional panel interviews between December and February. 
  • University of Exeter – They’re using MMIs and interviewing between December and March. 
  • Hull York Medical School – Expect MMIs in January and February. 
  • King’s College London – You’ll face a panel interview at some point between November and May. 
  • Norwich Medical School, UEA – They use MMIs and will hold these between November and February. 
  • University of St Andrews – MMIs will take place between November and March. 
  • St George’s, University of London – Their MMIs will happen during a long period that starts in December and winds up in March. 
  • University of Sheffield – You’ll have a traditional panel interview between November and February.
  • University of Sunderland – Expect MMIs, but with an additional maths test. Interviews will be held in December and January.
  • University of Aberdeen – MMIs taking place between November and March.
  • University of Edinburgh – They send invites to their MMIs on a rolling basis and some candidates have already received them. 
  • Anglia Ruskin University – They’re holding MMIs in December and January.
  • Queen’s University Belfast – MMIs are happening between December and March.
  • University of Glasgow – They’ve started sending out invites to panel interviews.
  • Newcastle University – MMIs taking place between December and February.
  • Edge Hill University – They send invites to MMIs on a rolling basis, and some candidates have received theirs.
  • University of Leicester – They’ve started sending out invites for MMIs, which will take place between December and March.
  • University of Manchester – MMIs happening between December and February.
  • Aston University – They hold MMIs between December and March, and some candidates have received their invites.
  • University of Bristol – Traditional panel interviews are held over a longer period of time, between December and April, and some invites have started arriving.
  • University of Liverpool – You’ll have a semi structured interview between December and February. They’ve started sending out invites to the first batch of interviews.
  • University of Warwick – They hold MMIs in December.
  • Lincoln Medical School – Invites to MMIs have started arriving.
  • University of Cambridge and University of Oxford – For both of these Medical Schools, candidates have started receiving invites to traditional panel interviews in December.
  • University of Buckingham – This Medical School accepts applications directly, instead of via UCAT, and some candidates for 2023 entry have now received invites to an MMI selection day.
  • Brunel University London – Applications are only open to international students and the Medical School uses MMIs.

We will continue to update this page, so please bookmark it if you’d like to keep track of which invites have already been sent.


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We Expect These Invites To Come Soon

These Medical Schools are expected to start sending out invites from December:

  • Barts (Queen Mary, University of London) – Traditional panel interviews happen between January and March, so we expect invites to start arriving from December.
  • University of Birmingham – Doing MMIs in January and February, so invites could come in December or January.
  • Cardiff University – They do MMIs in January and February, and invites are usually sent in December.
  • Kent and Medway Medical School – They hold MMIs from December, so we expect these invites to be sent soon.
  • University of Nottingham – Their MMIs happen between December and March, so invites could start arriving from December.
  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School – They have MMIs in December and January. 
  • Imperial College London – The format is an online asynchronous interview in January followed by an MMI in March.
  • Lancaster University – MMIs are held in January and February.
  • University of Leeds – MMIs happen from December onwards.
  • UCL – You’ll have a traditional panel interview between December and March.
  • Keele University – Candidates typically face a traditional panel interview between December and March, so invites could start arriving in December.

Invites Expected From January

  • University of Southampton – This Medical School holds a selection day between January and March. Invites are usually sent out 1-2 weeks before the selection day.

Predictions For Other Med Schools

We’re unsure of when the following universities will send out their interview invites:

  • University of Central Lancashire
  • Plymouth University
  • Swansea University

We will continue to check and update as more information becomes available.

What Can You Do To Prepare Right Now?

Make sure you:


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