Cardiff - Med School Interview Tips

Cardiff University offers interviews to applicants who achieve the highest positions according to their academic and non-academic ranking. Cardiff medicine interviews use a multiple mini interview system (MMI).

Preparing for your Cardiff medicine interview:

1. Understand the format of an MMI before so that it isn’t overwhelming

A Cardiff medicine interview involves a 9 station MMI and you will rotate around every station. Each station lasts 6 minutes and focuses on finding out whether you have the personal qualities to make a good doctor in the future. The content of the interviews changes yearly but common themes include :

  • Empathy
  • Leadership ability
  • Insight into life as a doctor
  • Insight into the welsh NHS and current problems within the NHS
  • Time management and the ability to work as a team
  • Problem-solving ability

Try and think of some examples of things that you have done to demonstrate these skills and find some unique things that you’re able to talk about.

The most important thing with MMI interviews is to be able to forget what has happened on previous stations when you move onto the next one. Each station is different and poor performance on one station doesn’t affect the marks of the subsequent stations. So, if it doesn’t go well, forget about it and move onto the next interview station.

2. Understand the place where you are applying to study

At Cardiff medical school, we travel across Wales for our placements and work in a variety of areas from rural to coastal and from affluent to very poor.

This means that being adaptable to work in a variety of environments and understanding the place where you are applying to study is important and they often like to ask about it in a Cardiff medicine interview.

Take a close look at the Cardiff University website and do some research into the different placements and why you think this particularly suits you as it could, and often does, come up.

3. Understand the course and why it appeals to you

Anyone can recite whether a course is PBL, lectures or mixed but being able to say specifically why the learning style of your chosen university will be perfect for you is a lot harder.

Cardiff teach using CBL, a type of PBL which involves independent study so before your interview, make sure you know about CBL and why it appeals to you. Doing this research beforehand will already show that you are a self-motivated and independent learner and will really help during the interview process.

The reasons why a course might appeal are individual to you, so don’t assume that you have to say something generic – if you have a unique reason then don’t be afraid to say it in your Cardiff medicine interview!

Cardiff is renowned for creating doctors who love talking to people and are excellent communicators, so use your interview as a chance to show why you deserve to come to a university like Cardiff that focuses so much on you as a person.

Be yourself, be confident and make sure you know why Wales is a great place to live, because it really is a brilliant places to live and work!

As we say in Wales, Pob Lwc Pawb (good luck everyone!)

Words: Zoe Johnson

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