If you have a Medicine interview coming up at Dundee University, check out this guide to the common interview questions that you could face.

Dundee University Medical Interviews

Dundee medical interviews for 2024 entry are expected to take place from December 2023 to January 2024. In-person interviews will be held in December 2022 and online interviews will be held in January.

All applicants are assessed and scored based on their academic record and must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of Grade B/6 in English, Maths and Biology at GCSE (if these subjects are not taken at A-Level).
  • Minimum of AAA for A-Level grades (either predicted or achieved). Subjects required are Chemistry and one other science from Biology, Physics or Maths.
  • Scottish Higher minimum grades of AAAAB in the same sitting.
  • All applicants must have sat the UCAT by 15 October 2022. There is currently no cut-off score for UCAT, though an SJT Band 4 will result in rejection.

All academic achievements including UCAT will be used to generate a pre-interview score. Successful applicants will be invited for an interview.

Dundee does not use Personal Statements as part of the selection process, but individual Personal Statements may be discussed at interview stations.


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How Is Dundee Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Interviews for Medicine at Dundee will be in MMI format for in-person interviews in December 2023, and will be online panel interviews in January 2024. International applicants will be given the option of a remote interview in case of travel restrictions.

Both interview formats will have five scenarios discussed during the interview, with a short break in between.

Online interviews will take place on Dundee’s platform, Blackboard Collaborate. Access to this link will be given prior to the interview.

All interviews are expected to last approximately 60 minutes. Interviews are assessed on a scoring system, however, the exact process has not been released by Dundee.

Most applicants will only be notified of the outcome after all interviews are complete.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Dundee Medical School

At Dundee University, the following topics are covered in the Medicine interview questions:

Typical Medicine interview questions asked by Dundee include:


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Tips For Answering Dundee Medicine Interview Questions

  • Do research into the local area around Dundee and its diverse community. Interviewers expect applicants to have a solid understanding of how the healthcare system differs in Scotland, and what this could mean for your teaching at Medical School.
  • Practise different role play scenarios. These are more applicable to MMI interviews than panel interviews. It’s important to know how to play the role of a Doctor, medical student, or any other role you are given.
  • Understand the Dundee medical course and what particularly appeals to you about it.
  • Learn about different societies at Dundee University and decide which ones interest you. Dundee is known to ask questions about how an applicant would contribute to the Medical School.
  • MMI stations are marked individually, so don’t panic if one station does not go according to plan. Move on and focus on the next station.

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