If you have a Medicine interview coming up at Edinburgh University, check out this guide to common interview questions that you could face.

Edinburgh University Medical Interviews

Edinburgh University medical interviews for 2024 entry are expected to take place from January 2024 to March 2024. They will be in the MMI format.

All applicants are assessed and scored based on their academic achievements and must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of AAA at A-Level, with an A needed in Chemistry and one other science out of Biology, Mathematics or Physics.
  • Minimum of AAAAB for SQ Highers by the end of S5 and BB at Advanced Higher.
  • An achieved B/6 required in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and English GCSE.
  • All grades achieved must be obtained in one sitting and those applying with re-sit grades will not be considered (unless verified extenuating circumstances are presented).
  • All applicants must have sat the UCAT by 16 October 2023. All scores are ranked and separated into deciles. SJT is also scored and ranked for shortlisting and the highest-achieving students will be invited for an interview.

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How Is Edinburgh Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Interviews at Edinburgh are called assessment half-days, and involve the MMI interview followed by a group task. The MMI typically lasts around 36 minutes and the group task around 30 minutes.

The MMI consists of three stations, usually each lasting around 12 minutes. Each station will involve a set of questions posed to candidates that centre on a specific topic.

In the group task, you will be asked to work in a team with other applicants. You will have 25 minutes to prepare a presentation on a topic and 5 minutes to present to the interviewers.

During this task, teamwork, cooperation, communication and engagement will be assessed. You will be assessed individually.

Post-interview decisions are given on a rolling basis, but decisions are only sent once all candidates have been fully interviewed. The expected date to hear back from Edinburgh is usually March.

Common Medicine Question Topics at Edinburgh Medical School

At Edinburgh University, the following topics are often covered in Medicine interviews:

Typical Medicine interview questions at Edinburgh include:

  • Why would you like to study Medicine?
  • What could you bring to Edinburgh Medical School?
  • What is your understanding of the importance of an MDT?
  • Do you work better as a team member or as a leader?
  • Why do you want to study Medicine and not nursing?
  • What experiences led you to pursue this career?
  • What makes a good Doctor?
  • What do you understand by the term Gillick Competence?
  • What is meant by confidentiality?
  • When is it acceptable to breach confidentiality?

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Tips For Answering Edinburgh Medicine Interview Questions

  • Edinburgh tends to ask a lot of follow-up questions, so make sure you are comfortable answering spontaneous questions.
  • Practise your team-working skills. Half of the interview assessment is based on teamwork, and assessors will be scoring you based on how you communicate and cooperate with other candidates on a given project.
  • Learn the 4 pillars of medical ethics and ensure you can apply them to different ethical scenarios.

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