If you’ve got a Medicine interview coming up at Exeter University, check out this guide to common interview questions that you could face.

Exeter University Medical Interviews

Exeter University medical interviews for 2024 entry will take place between December 2023 and March 2024. Exeter will be holding MMI-style interviews online via Zoom

All applicants are assessed and ranked based on their academic record and must meet the following criteria:

  • GCSE English Language at Grade 4/C or higher.
  • AAA is the typical A-Level offer (with two As required in Biology and Chemistry).
  • All applicants must have sat the UCAT by 15 October 2023.
  • Personal Statements and references are only considered for mitigating circumstances, and are otherwise not used in the selection process.

Students are first ranked into deciles by their predicted/achieved A-Level grade combinations. Follow this link for more information on the scoring system.

Applicants who meet the published entry requirements will have their UCAT and academic qualifications weighted to assign a total score. The usual weightings for Exeter are 25% UCAT and 75% academic achievement. The highest-scoring individuals will be invited to an interview.


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How Is Exeter Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Medical School interviews for Exeter will be held in an MMI format. Each applicant will be assessed across 5 different MMI stations, with each station lasting approximately 5 minutes.

The interview lasts approximately 50 minutes in total, inclusive of any breaks.

The scoring of Exeter medical interviews has not been revealed, though it’s likely that the decision of an offer is based solely on the applicant’s interview performance.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics at Exeter University

At Exeter University, the following topics are typically covered in Medicine interview questions:

Typical Medicine interview questions could include:

  • Why would you like to study Medicine at Exeter?
  • What distinguishes Doctors from vets, apart from the patient aspect?
  • What do you dislike about being a Doctor in the future?
  • What do you understand about the word confidentiality?
  • When is it appropriate to break confidentiality?
  • How would you explain the funding of the NHS to someone younger?
  • What do you like in particular about Exeter?
  • Why should we choose you to join our Medical School?
  • Tell us about a situation where you could have handled difficult challenges better?
  • Why is it important for a Doctor to have interests outside of science?

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Tips For Answering Exeter Medicine Interview Questions

  • Make sure you do your research about Exeter and its Medical School. From past statistics, Exeter tends to ask a lot of questions about why an applicant would like to study at Exeter.
  • Their interview is not a test of scientific knowledge, but rather why you would be the most suitable candidate to study at the university. Ensure you are prepared to answer questions about why you would be the best candidate.
  • Prepare for more common questions such as ‘Why Medicine?’ and ‘Why not nursing?’.
  • Stay calm! If one station in your MMI interview does not go the way you expected, don’t panic as each station will be marked individually. Just move on and focus on the next one.

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