Glasgow Medicine Interview Tips

Glasgow - Med School Interview Tips

Got a Glasgow medicine interview coming up? You’ve come to the right place for tips! On this page, you can learn about the two-panel format of the Glasgow medicine interview, as well as tips on practising your answers.

Preparing for your Glasgow medicine interview:

1. Impress both panels

Glasgow’s interview process is a little different so it’s a good idea to be prepared. At Glasgow, you’ll be interviewed by two panels (with two interviewers on each panel) – and they state on their website that the process will go like this:

2. Read the scenario carefully

It can be hard to concentrate when you’re so nervous, but make sure you read the scenario you are given carefully, as you’ll be speaking about this with your interviewers. You could use the reading time to consider some of the questions they may ask you about the scenario.

A good way to practise for this is to read and then discuss a news article or ethical scenario with a family member or friend, asking them to ask you questions about it during the discussion.

To keep up to date with medical news at the same time, the article you pick could be a recent development in medicine or health – or an ethical debate.

3. You know what’s coming… practise!

You will have been told this time and time again, but practice makes perfect for panel interviews.

You can use our Interview Question Bank to ask a friend or family member to select questions at random to ask you, and work on practising your answers until they come naturally.

Make sure you practise the typical panel interview favourites, such as:

Good luck!


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