If you’re preparing for a Medicine interview at Hull York University, check out this guide to the common interview questions you can expect.

Hull York Medical Interviews

Medicine interviews for Hull York University usually start in mid-December and run until mid-January. These are likely to be the date ranges for 2024 entry too.

To shortlist candidates for interview, all applications are checked to ensure that they meet the minimum academic requirements. Each application is then allocated a total score.

Scoring is based on GCSEs (up to 30 points), UCAT (up to 40 points), UCAT SJT band (up to 15 points) and contextual data (up to 15 points). All applicants are ranked based on the total score.

The highest-ranking candidates will be invited for an interview. Since ranking is based on multiple factors, there is no minimum cut-off score.

For 2022 entry into the A100 course, there were 2047 applications. Of those, 684 interviews were held and 284 offers were made post-interview.

Hull York usually sends interview invitations on a rolling basis from December onwards.


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How Is Hull York Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Hull York University uses the MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) format for its Medicine interviews. There are usually 6 MMI stations, with each one lasting 5, 10 or 20 minutes.

Previously, interviews were adapted and held online.

For 2024 entry, interviews will be held in person for home students and online for international applicants.


Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Hull York Medical School

At Hull York Medical School, the following topics are typically covered in Medicine interview questions:

Sample interview questions might include:


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Tips For Answering Hull York Interview Questions

Know the weighting of different parts of your MMI

Your MMI at Hull York will be split into different sections:

  • Group exercise (20 points)
  • 2 mini interviews (15 points each)
  • Student station (15 points)
  • Individual scenario station (15 points)

This gives you an indication of what you will face at your MMI and the importance of each section. All of these stations are different from each other. So, make sure you are comfortable in any of these situations to answer relevant questions.

Know how Hull York uses your Personal Statement

Detailed information about the selection procedure at Hull York can be found here, including information about the Personal Statement.

Hull York reads all Personal Statements, but you are not scored on it. However, your Personal Statement should cover topics such as work experience and personal attributes, which you may be asked about at your MMI, so it can be a useful starting point for interview preparation.

Be prepared for the group exercise

Hull York uses a group exercise as part of the interviews. The assessors will want to see how effectively you work in a group and communicate. The course at Hull York includes problem-based learning (PBL), which is group-based, so it’s important that you are comfortable working in a group, both for the interview and for the actual course.

If you are not used to doing group work, get some friends together and do an activity/ discussion together. This will help you feel more relaxed in this setting.

Keep up-to-date with medical issues

One of the stations is a 10-minute interview with two interviewers on issues in Medicine. They may ask up to three questions. Make sure you are able to give clear, detailed answers and are able to justify any opinions you give.

The questions probably won’t have right/wrong answers. It’s important that you can explain your answers. The issues might be based on current hot topics, such as the role of public health campaigns.

How Are Interviews At Hull York Assessed?

The decision of an offer will be based primarily on performance at interview. However, some other factors will also be considered.

The interview score is converted into a score out of 80 points. The SJT band is allocated a score out of 10 points and contextual data is allocated a score out of 10 points. The overall score out of 100 points is used to rank candidates. The highest-ranking candidates are offered a place to study.

Hull York usually waits for all interviews to be completed before making offers. Therefore, offers tend to come through from February onwards.


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