Hull York - Med School Interview Tips

If you receive an invitation to a Hull York medicine interview, then you will take part in Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs). Here are 5 tips to help you be successful at your MMI…

Preparing for your Hull York medicine interview:

1. Know the weighting of the different parts of your MMI

Your MMI at Hull York will be split into different sections:

  • Group exercise (20 points) – 20 minutes
  • Personal qualities interview (20 points) – 10 minutes with two interviewers
  • Issues in medicine interview (20 points) – 10 minutes with two interviewers
  • Scenario stations (20 points) – 5 minutes

This gives you an indication of what you will face at your MMI and the importance of each section. All these stations are quite different to each other so make sure you would be comfortable in any of these situations and answering relevant questions.

2. Know how Hull York use your personal statement

Detailed information about the selection procedure at Hull York can be found here, including information about the personal statement.

Hull York read all personal statements, but you are not scored on it. However, your personal statement will likely cover topics such as medical-related experience and personal attributes, which you may be asked about at your MMI, so it can be a useful starting point for interview preparation.

3. Be prepared for the group exercise

Hull York have a group exercise as part of the interviews, which is quite unique. The assessors here will want to see how effectively you work in a group and communicate. The course at Hull York includes problem-based learning, which is group-based, so it’s important you are comfortable working in a group, both for interview and for the actual course.

If you are not used to doing group work, I would recommend trying to get some friends together and doing an activity/discussion together. This will help you feel more relaxed in this setting.

4. Keep up to date with medical issues

One of the stations is a 10-minute interview with 2 interviewers on issues in medicine. They may ask up to 3 questions and you will be expected to give detailed responses. Make sure you are able to give clear detailed answers and are able to justify any opinions you give.

The questions probably won’t have right/wrong answers so it’s important you can explain your answers. The issues in medicine interview might be based around current hot topics such as junior doctor contracts and the role of public health campaigns.

5. Know what you will be scored on

Hull York are very clear on what you will be scored on at your MMI:

  • Your ability to work collaboratively in a group
  • How you contribute relevant information to the group discussion
  • How effectively and clearly you articulate your own thoughts in a group setting
  • Insight into a medical career
  • Your understanding of the values in the NHS Constitution
  • Motivation for a medical career
  • Your awareness and understanding of current medical issues
  • Your communication skills
  • Your understanding of and motivation for the Hull York Medical School MB BS course
  • Your personal qualities such as empathy, tolerance of ambiguity and resilience
  • Your ability to think critically

So, make sure you are able to demonstrate all these skills/attributes clearly at your MMI.

Words: Rachael Foulsham


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