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Traditional Medicine Interviews

Traditional Medicine interviews can be quite intimidating. It’s just you and a panel. Medical School applicants are always keen to prepare for traditional Medicine interviews.

Despite a recent shift towards Multi Mini Interviews (MMI), many universities still rely on the traditional interview format. And even in MMI circuits, the traditional skills set still plays a vital part.

This page answers the following questions about traditional interviews:

What Are The Common Questions At Traditional Medicine Interviews?

The Medic Portal has broken down the ten most commonly occurring themes that arise in traditional medical school interviews. We call this ‘The Golden Prep Sheet’:

  1. Background and motivation for studying medicine
  2. Depth and breadth of interest
  3. Knowledge of the medical school and curriculum
  4. NHS ‘Hot Topics’
  5. Creativity and imagination
  6. Ethics
  7. Empathy
  8. Personal insight
  9. Team working
  10. Work experience

Visit our e-learning page to access detailed medical school interview questions and answer guides for questions covering all of the above themes.

We also have a separate information page on ethical scenarios, covering the 4 pillars of medical ethics.

How Can I Prepare For Traditional Medicine Interviews?

We recommend the following four-step preparation method for traditional Medicine interviews:

  1. Select one of the themes above
  2. Note down 3-4 examples for that theme
  3. Try to apply to practice questions on that theme
  4. Compare and contrast with guide answer

Do not prepare full answers to recite, or you will sound robotic. Instead, focus on the theme in a flexible way.

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