Our Comprehensive UCAT Question Bank Will Help You Boost Your UCAT Score

This UCAT Question Bank includes thousands of UCAT practice questions and six full-length UCAT and UCATSEN mocks, so you can get in plenty of practise and boost your score. Plus, when you use our UCAT Question Bank, you'll be able to track your UCAT score improvements and compare your progress to other users. It also mirrors the exam environment, making sure your online UCAT practice is preparing you for test day.

Practise Questions

Practise thousands of UCAT questions in a realistic environment, and take UCAT mocks. Get instant outcomes and model solutions.

Benchmark Scores

Compare your performance against others. Monitor how many questions you get right. Discover where to concentrate your revision.

Track Improvements

Track your performance like never before. Measure how you're doing, every step of the way, and see how your score improves.

Doctor-Created Questions

Every single UCAT practice question is crafted by Doctors to mirror the difficulty of the real exam.

40,000+ Students Taught

We've taught 40,000+ aspiring medics. Thousands choose this UCAT Question Bank every year.

5* Service Every Year

We're platinum 5* award-winners with Feefo, thanks to three consecutive years of 5 star reviews.

Want To Boost Your UCAT Revision?

Our Question Bank is a great way to practise the test in a realistic environment. There's more information on this page about how our questions and performance tracking work. But in order to get the best score, you need to combine practise with a deep understanding of test strategies. So first, here are two amazing options that combine the best of our UCAT strategy teaching with unlimited access to our Question Bank.

Online UCAT Course - 50+ Lessons & 1000s of Questions

Our brand new Online UCAT Course has been optimised for speedy learning, with 30% more bitesize lessons & interwoven UCAT practice. It’s presented by a team of top tutors, each teaching their specialist section. When you subscribe for any length of time, you’ll get unlimited question bank access for the whole season.

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UCAT Prep Packages - Save 20% on The Ultimate Prep

Leave no stone unturned. Skyrocket your UCAT score and save 20% on everything, with our new UCAT Prep Packages. Combine the best of live UCAT teaching, e-Learning, test practice and tutoring to take your revision to the next level. Includes unlimited Online UCAT Course and UCAT Question Bank access!

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The Medic Portal is absolutely brilliant - especially the online bank of UCAT questions, which much better prepare you than practising from a book!


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Practice UCAT Questions

Make sure you’ve got to grips with test strategies by practising with example UCAT questions. There are no UCAT past papers because it’s a computer-based exam – so the only way to practise the UCAT test and example UCAT questions is with a Question Bank.

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Test Yourself With Realistic UCAT Mocks

You need to sit UCAT mocks to see if you’re ready for the test. But it’s not enough to just run through some questions – you need to simulate the exam environment. Our UCAT practice tests look and feel like the real thing, with questions carefully crafted by Doctors to reflect how challenging the test really is.


Benchmark Your UCAT Performance

Discover how your UCAT performance compares to other users. You’ll see which sections of the test need improvement, and get an overview of how many questions you’ve answered correctly. You can also track your progress and find out how many questions you still have to practise and see how your performance in UCAT practice tests is improving.


Track Your Progress

Sometimes it’s hard to see just how far you’ve come with your revision. Our UCAT Question Bank will track how much you’re improving. You’ll get statistics on how long you’ve spent revising, how many questions you’ve already worked through, how intensively you’ve practised in each session, and how you’re handling practice UCAT tests.


Start For Free!

You can start answering UCAT practice questions for free with our Demo Question Banks. These include free UCAT questions from every section of the test, as well as subtest-specific free questions.

Start For Free

Free UCAT Test

Our practice UCAT test will put you through 39 questions in timed conditions and we’ll give you an illustrative UCAT score that you can benchmark against other users. See where you performed strongest and identify the weaker areas that need more revision.

Take The Practice UCAT Test
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The question bank is very useful. It has a variety of questions and the answers are well explained!

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UCAT Question Bank Questions

How does the Question Bank work?

For the duration of your subscription, you can answer as many questions as you like by choosing specific modules to work through. You can also take the practice tests at any time during your subscription.

Can I take practice UCAT tests?

Yes – we have a free UCAT practice test that will also give you an illustrative score, so you can test your level before you start using our Question Bank.

Does this include UCATSEN questions?

The questions are the same when you sit the UCATSEN test – but you’ll get longer to answer the questions. We have UCATSEN mocks that you can practise with.

How does the benchmarking work?

You’ll be able to see how your scores compare to other Question Bank users. This is in the form of the percentage of correct answers you’ve had, and is broken down into detail for each UCAT section.

Can I practise situational judgement questions?

Yes! You can practise situational judgement questions, as well as questions from each of the UCAT subtests: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning and decision making.

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