12th January 2021
Mariam is a Medical Student who got an offer from Cardiff University after their Medical School Interview. Here, they share how they prepared for the interview and secured an offer. You can find Mariam blogging over at mediclifeblog.

Written by Mariam

Cardiff University uses MMI stations to interview applicants. This means you get many fresh starts and opportunities to show yourself. Read on to find out how I prepared for my interview.

I Researched Cardiff University in Detail

Since Cardiff is in Wales, they come under the Welsh NHS. This is slightly different from the English one and is worth finding out more about. Another key point to research is the course structure: Cardiff offers CBL, full-body dissection and early patient contact which not many other Medical Schools do – so make sure to mention this in your answers.

Another thing I investigated was the medical societies that Cardiff has to offer. Talking about which ones you would want to be a part of shows you have really done your research and are passionate about Cardiff University.

I Practiced Again And Again And Again

At Cardiff, the stations can seem long and it feels like you have so much time to talk. To get better at this and to be slick with timing your answers, you should practice, practice, and practice.

Get your friends and family members to test you and time yourself to get a feel of how long you need to talk for. Another technique I used was filming myself. It may seem super uncomfortable but when you watch yourself back you notice things about your eye-contact and body language and so correcting this can make a big difference.

I Used The STARR Technique

You are most likely going to be asked to demonstrate the certain qualities needed to be a Doctor and give examples of times you have shown them.

So, make sure you use STARR technique and always relate the qualities back to Medicine. For example, if you are giving an example of a time you showed teamwork, it is useful to conclude it with the reason why teamwork is such a vital skill in Medicine. Try to focus most of your answer on your reflection and what you learn from a certain situation.


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I Knew The Four Pillars

This is super useful when you are given an ethical or patient scenario to talk about. When you talk about medical ethics it is useful to signpost them in your answer which also helps to give a structure to your explanation. Learn the four pillars of medical ethics and how to use them in ethical discussions.

Another part of ethics that is often overlooked is consent – so have a look into what conditions are needed to gain consent. Always make sure to give balanced answers where you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.

I Had Confidence

Confidence is so important to have and what can get you from being a good applicant to an excellent one. On the day, yes, it is very difficult to have confidence when you are also dealing with nerves and having to think on your feet. So, my best piece of advice is to smile before each station as it relaxes you and sets a good first impression. Just remember you have come so far and only need a bit of confidence for only an hour. You can do it!


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