11th January 2021
Ashitha Abdul is a Medical Student who got offered a place to study Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University after their interview. In this blog, they share how they prepared for their interview to help you succeed, too.

Written by Ashitha Abdul

I Researched ARU’s Unique MMI format

Anglia Ruskin University has an MMI interview format like most other universities. There are ethical scenarios, describe a picture, describe a graph and Personal Statement style stations.

However, when I researched, I discovered ARU is quite unique as it has a considerable number of role-play scenarios.

There were a total of 10 MMI stations, which lasted around seven minutes with a one minute break in between. During the break, I had to read the scenario for the next station.

The best tip I received was to not think about any of the previous stations during my one minute break but instead to focus all that time into reading the scenario – this was especially useful for role-play scenarios.

I Prepared For The ARU Role Play Scenarios

The ARU role-play scenarios sound scarier than they are! Normally, you are a Medical Student in the scenario and there is an actor who plays the other character.

When I entered my role-play station, I made sure to introduce myself as a Medical Student and ask the actor for their name. Introductions are very important in role-play stations as it structures your station and scores highly.

I made sure to ask leading questions to the actor so I could gain as much information from them and know more about the scenario. I found it very important to listen to the actor and pick up any clues that they were giving.


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I Prepared For Other MMI Stations

For the other MMI stations, I prepared by researching about medical ethics. This was very helpful in medical ethics scenarios.

Knowing the pillars of medical ethics was important when I was structuring my answer, because having a well-structured answer can make or break an interview station.

I practised for the description-style ethics questions by finding random paintings online and describing them to my family members. This also enabled me to practice speaking out loud, which was great for building confidence!

I Remained Calm On The Interview Day

On the day of my Anglia Ruskin University interview, I arrived 15 minutes early to account for any traffic. I made sure I had everything ready for my interview by packing it in my bag the night before. I remained calm during my stations and made sure I spoke at a decent pace. Even if your interview is virtual, it is important to prepare the night before by checking your equipment and making sure your technology is charged.

It is easy to speak very quickly when you’re nervous. I tried to make sure that I only listened to the interview or the actor during my stations. I tried to block out the noises of all the other people in the room. When any of my stations didn’t go as I had hoped, I let it not distract me from the other stations. As soon as I stepped out of one station, I immediately cleared my mind of anything that had happened there.


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