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Train to become a doctor at Essex’s first School of Medicine. We offer an innovative, fully integrated curriculum with a strong science base – as well as excellent clinical opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge to work in, shape and lead healthcare delivery in the 21st century.

The MBChB course is exciting, stimulating and challenging and offers you a breadth of experience impossible to find in any other discipline. This course allows you to acquire an extensive body of knowledge and become technically proficient, but will also demand that you become an excellent communicator, that you understand the complexities of healthcare in modern society and that you exercise leadership in dynamic multi-professional teams.

The curriculum has been planned meticulously to offer you an innovative, ‘hands-on’ experience of modern medical practice. In the first term of Year 1 you will have placements in hospitals and GP surgeries and will be interacting with patients in real life situations. This early experience in placement will help make your transition to becoming a foundation doctor much easier when you graduate.

The School of Medicine collaborates with five NHS hospitals, a large mental health trust and in excess of 60 GP surgeries, to provide you with a mix of experiences in urban and rural environments.

When you graduate with your MBChB degree you’ll be able to apply for your 1st of two Foundation Years. Having studied with us you’ll be in a good position to apply to the Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (EBH) Foundation School.

On successful completion of your Foundation Years you’ll be able to apply for further study within your chosen specialism. We envisage that our graduates will want to study further and work locally as there are many opportunities for training doctors within the region.

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