Anglia Ruskin

Anglia Ruskin’s five-year MBChB degree centres around an innovative, integrated modern curriculum. Knowledge is built up slowly and revisited often throughout the course so that you are able to build connections between scientific concepts and clinical practice.

This Medicine programme is made up of three phases. Phase one takes place over the first year, with a systems-based approach that begins by looking at the fundamental principles of Medicine. This includes the respiratory, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. You’ll learn about these systems in a way that combines practical theoretical and clinical aspects.

Phase two takes place in the second and third year, with a further ten system-based blocks. Your knowledge is consolidated in a clinical setting through various clinical rotations, and you’ll begin the transition into the final clinical phase.

Phase three runs through years four and five and sees the programme veer towards a case-based teaching style. There’s a series of ‘100 core clinical problems’ introduced to help you understand an integrated view of Medicine. You’ll undertake various core speciality-based clinical placements and a final Preparation for Practice (PfP) placement. During the core placements, you’ll organise your learning around the ‘core clinical problems’ and observe the issues in different clinical contexts and settings. The PfP block helps you to develop your experience in a way that prepares you to be a junior doctor. Foundation assistantship teaching blocks focused on general practice, medicine and surgery are undertaken too.

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