Imperial’s Medicine five-year programme is driven by clinical expertise as well as international competitive research. The course is delivered through a mix of traditional and innovative teaching methods which involves workshops, problem-based learning and lectures.

Imperial’s spiral curriculum is split into three phases. In phase one, students will focus on the scientific foundations of health and disease as well as the foundations of clinical practice. Students will have early clinical exposure too. Modules will include case-based learning, lifestyle medicine and prevention. There are also research projects and clinical improvement opportunities.

During phase two, students work towards their BSc by undertaking and completing numerous modules and a supervised research project in a scientific/medical subject that they prefer. This is to enable students to deepen scientific knowledge and research skills and expose them to the research taking place in the field.

In phase three, knowledge and skills built in the first four years of the programme are built upon. In hospital and community settings, students will get firsthand experience into how clinical teams work in harmony to deliver patient care – throughout every stage of the life cycle. In this phase, there is a particular emphasis placed on student preparation for clinical practice.

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Case Study

Peter Zhang
Year of Study:

What are the best things about your Medical School?

  1. Strong sense of camaraderie
  2. World-class teaching and facilities
  3. Vibrant and diverse social life

What are the hardest things about your course?

  1. High academic load at times
  2. Long working hours
  3. Difficult commutes to peripheral clinical placements

What’s the social side of your Medical School like?

The social life at ICSM is inclusive and far from dull. There is a plethora of societies to take your pick from. We have a dedicated Union, specifically for medical students, to offer academic and pastoral support along with plenty of social events throughout the year. Lastly London is a city filled with life, culture and diversity, and you get the opportunity to live and study at the heart of it.

What tips would you give to someone applying to your Medical School?

  1. Be genuine and true to yourself, in both your personal statement and in the interview.
  2. Be familiar with basic medical ethics and be balanced in your arguments.
  3. Practice your interview techniques. Learn to be confident under pressure.

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