Manchester are the largest medical school in the UK but offer some of the smallest class sizes to ensure you get the support you need throughout your degree. You’ll learn using a range of methods; from hands on practicals to small group work.

Studying Medicine at Manchester offers students a unique experience as a medical undergraduate at a medical school with innovative teaching methods and a high-tech learning environment.

The key Manchester approach is the study of themed case discussions in small groups where you are a proactive learner. This is supported throughout your course by lectures, practical classes (including anatomy dissection) and clinical experience.

The course integrates science and clinical learning, so that you are able to apply scientific knowledge and concepts to your clinical practice.

A typical first year includes:

Manchester has a wealth of expertise in medical education, as well as clinical, biological and behavioural science research. Their teaching is supported by NHS clinicians who are experts in their clinical area and provide an active learning environment.

Course structure:

5 years Integrated course with an emphasis on problem solving and small group learning. There is an option to intercalate after year 2, 3 or 4.

Please visit our Comparison Tool for Manchester Medicine Entry Requirements.

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