Sunderland’s MBChB degree is a modern spiral curriculum that builds upon the context with increasing complexity year on year. At the University of Sunderland, the Medicine programme is delivered in three phases. Phase one happens during year one and two and takes place primarily on campus. During this phase, students will learn about biomedical fundamentals as well as a behavioural and social science. There is an emphasis placed on research, study, communication and basic clinical skills.

During year three and four, phase two occurs. Various aspects of biomedical, behavioural and social science are revisited with an increased focus on the complexity and pathology. This is supplemented with learning core clinical knowledge and skills. Students will also immerse themselves in clinical placements, applying the clinical knowledge and skills learnt.

In the final year students will enter phase three. This phase is all about preparation for professional practice and involves an extensive assistantship that prepares students for their Foundation Year 1.

The programme involves various teaching methods such as lectures, seminars and independently learning – classes and groups remain small. This course focuses on developing your intellectual and professional skills through problem-solving and constructive communication.

Students will learn about the social, global and environmental significance of their studies as well. Sunderland’s inclusive networks means that students will have access to a big network of academic and clinical mentors and tutors.

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