Edinburgh’s six year Medicine degree equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to become a Foundation Year 1 doctor. The degree programme is designed to prepare you for the contemporary challenges of medical practice.

Consistently ranked one of the top 50 universities in the world, Edinburgh has been making its mark on the world for more than 400 years.

In your first two years, you will study topics such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology and micro-biology, along with social and ethical aspects of clinical practice.

You will learn practical clinical skills such as resuscitation and interviewing patients, developing your clinical reasoning and decision-making skills. These key skills will be advanced through workshops, community projects, GP-based teaching and student-selected components or projects on a range of topics from the clinical to the non-medical.

In the third year, you’ll began an academic year of full-time, research-based study, which will lead to Bachelor of Medical Sciences Honours degree. Your fourth year will allow you to study all aspects of clinical medicine and healthcare. You will also develop your practical experience through placements in hospital and general practice.

Your fifth year will see you move around a number of specialities, working on hospital wards and as part of a team. As well as further clinical placements, you will complete an individual research project in partnership with a clinical tutor.

In your final year, you will apply your learning from previous years, with an emphasis on developing practical skills and knowledge of general and acute medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, anaesthetics and intensive care. You will have the opportunity to assist a junior doctor and, under supervision, undertake some of the duties of a Foundation Year 1 doctor.

After your final exams, there is also six week ‘elective’ period, where you will have the opportunity to study outside the UK. Students are normally attached to a hospital. Popular destinations include: Africa (Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa), Australia, the Caribbean, India, Samoa, the United States and occasionally South America.

These opportunities, plus the chance to live in a historic and vibrant city, attract lots of applicants to Edinburgh for only around 200 places. The school also offers other biomedical and oral health science degrees.

Edinburgh graduates are caring, competent and confident. They are able to function at the highest level in academic, hospital or community settings. You will leave Edinburgh Medical School prepared for complex and uncertain situations, equipped for ongoing personal development, and trained for high professional achievement and leadership.

Edinburgh offers an assessment day for students looking to gain admission to the degree programme.

Course structure:

6-year Integrated course, including PBL. Intercalation is mandatory in the third year.

Please visit our Comparison Tool for Edinburgh Medicine Entry Requirements.

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