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The University of Bristol is a well-established medical school, offering an excellent academic experience. It has an outstanding reputation, with high quality teaching to prepare students for a career in medicine. Students from third year onwards are placed in hospitals both in central Bristol and surrounding regions through their academy system to gain exposure to a variety of clinical settings. From intercalation to research to elective studies, a wealth of opportunities are available for students to obtain a diverse learning experience.

Course Structure:

The first two years are placed at University of Bristol, and the latter three are placed at academies where students gain clinical skills.

MB ChB Medicine (A100)

The standard programme is a five-year course with the option of an additional intercalated year.


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Case Study

Adrienne Lee
Year of Study:

What are the best things about your Medical School?

  1. Rotations in clinical academies allow for students to experience clinical medicine in different settings, ranging from small district hospitals to main tertiary care centres.
  1. All students are assigned an academic mentor for their duration of their study. These mentors provide valuable support both academically and socially.
  1. A variety of research opportunities are available through an intercalated degree or student-selected projects.
  1. Bristol is a vibrant, beautiful city that is just the right size, but if you ever need a quick escape, the countryside is right next door!

What are the hardest things about your course?

  1. Although accommodation is provided during academy placements, living outside of Bristol for half a year can be slightly inconvenient.
  1. Because students are highly encouraged to be independent learners, it can be difficult to know when one should seek help.
  1. Due to the competitive nature of medical school, students have to learn to accept their own imperfections and limitations.

What’s the social side of your Medical School like?

Galenicals, the medical society at Bristol, offers a wide array of social opportunities, including wine tasting night, the infamous medics bar crawl and the elegant Christmas Ball. Additionally, there are a variety of sports clubs that compete in intramural games and even travel away for tournaments. And don’t forget about all the drama, dance and art societies that are specifically geared towards medical students! Whether you enjoy a standard night out or are looking for more of an alternative vibe, there is something for everyone.

What tips would you give to someone applying to your Medical School?

  1. Through your work experience, show that you have an understanding of the ethical dilemmas doctors face.
  2. Start preparing early and take a year out if necessary, as opposed to submitting a rushed application.
  3. Be yourself in the interview. The interviewers are only human!
  4. Understand that there is a human side to medicine as well. It is not just about science!


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