St George’s

St George’s Medical School in Tooting is part of the University of London. The campus is fully integrated with St George’s Hospital, but clinical attachments can take place at other hospitals in London and the south west, including in Kingston, Croydon and Epsom. A typical week at St George’s begins and ends with a case-based tutorial.

The first two years are more lecture-based with the final years focusing on PBL and rotating clinical placements. Students are encouraged to apply taught theory to a clinical context in order to develop critical skills. St George’s admits more than 270 students to the MBBS per year. The university offers several degrees relating to medicine, science and health.

The degree programme equips you with essential knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes required to practice medicine competently and professionally in a patient-centred, multidisciplinary environment.

Benefits of studying medicine at St George’s:

Course structure:

5 years, Integrated with PBL and case-based learning. There is the opportunity to intercalate in the fourth year.

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