Aston University’s five-year Medicine course aims to develop your core competencies and sharpen team-working skills. It focuses on preparing you for the demands of a medical career, placing a particular emphasis on working as part of a multidisciplinary team and understanding the compassion needed to work with patients.

This programme is split into two phases. Phase one takes place over year one and two. Your clinical skills and knowledge are developed in blocks and cover topics such as the musculoskeletal system, pharmacology and physiology. Being introduced to clinical practice, you will learn how to interact with patients, healthcare professionals and carers to develop consultation skills and diagnostic reasoning.

In year three, four and five, phase two learning takes place mostly in a clinical setting working with doctors and healthcare professionals. In addition to this, you will have lectures, workshops, group work and independent study. Research-based Student Selected Components can be completed with the Aston Medical Research Institute and contains four major themes: mental health, cardiovascular medicine, maternal health and regenerative medicine.


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