At Aston Medical School it’s our mission to train tomorrow’s doctors to meet the increasing demand for highly skilled medical practitioners. We strive to promote social mobility and inclusivity and our university has a long tradition of focusing on the welfare and achievements of students while delivering high quality research-based teaching.

Our curriculum is patient-centred. It will help you to develop the core competencies in medicine, gain key teamwork skills and understand the workings of the internationally admired NHS (National Health Service).

It has been designed to equip you with the clinical expertise and confidence needed to embark on your first post after graduation as a Foundation doctor, while encouraging you to develop into an independent life-long learner with critical thinking skills and a caring and compassionate attitude.

In addition to enabling you  to achieve the ‘outcomes for graduates’ prescribed by the General Medical Council, our MBChB is the first in the UK to offer the opportunity to enhance your leadership capabilities through a certificate in Health Leadership which is completed in conjunction with the triple accredited Aston Business School. You will Experience early patient contact in year one with general practice placements and then increasing involvement in patient care through apprenticeship learning, across a variety of hospital, community and general practice settings and clinical specialities.

In keeping with our vision of being a socially inclusive medical school, we aim to offer a minimum of 40% of our UK/EU places to students who meet specified widening participation criteria; preference will be given to our local students including those who are on the Sir Doug Ellis Pathway to Healthcare Programme. Full details of widening participation criteria will be announced on our website soon. 

Medicine is a demanding subject, so it is important to have a good support network. You will be allocated a Personal Tutor who can offer advice on study-related or personal issues and there is a dedicated Student Support Lead to help you cope with the unique requirements of a medical student.

In addition, there is a wide range of university support services. You will have many opportunities to explore new interests, develop hobbies and make new friends: these form an important part of university life and provide a balance to the work.

We welcome applications from candidates who have the skills and capability to excel on our course. All candidates are considered on an individual basis based on all previous and predicted qualifications, experience, references and motivation.

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