If you’re preparing for your Aston University Medicine interview, check out this guide to the common interview questions you could face.

Aston University Medical Interviews

Medicine interviews for 2024 entry at Aston University will be held between December and March.

To shortlist candidates for interview, all applicants are ranked by academic qualifications and their UCAT score. Academic qualifications include GCSEs and A-Levels if already taken, and accounts for two-thirds of the overall score.

Six GCSEs are used for the ranking, which must include Mathematics, English Language, Biology and Chemistry. A score is allocated for each subject according to the grade. For GCSEs, this is: A*/9/8 = 4; A/7 = 3; B/6 = 2; C/5 = 1. For achieved A-Levels, this is: A* = 4; A = 3; B = 2. Predicted A-levels are not included in the ranking.

The UCAT score is allocated points, depending on the decile that the score falls into.

The highest-ranking candidates will then be invited for an interview. There is no pre-set UCAT cut-off. The scores required will depend on the competition from other applications within a cycle.

Candidates that meet specified widening participation criteria, as outlined on the Aston Medical School website, will be assessed separately. Aston aims to offer 40% of its places to these candidates.

Aston sends interview invitations on a rolling basis from December onwards, with a selection of dates to choose from. An interview date is then confirmed.


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How Is Aston Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Aston University uses the MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) format for its Medicine interviews. There are usually 7-10 MMI stations that aim to test your suitability to study Medicine. They are not designed to check your medical knowledge.

For 2022 entry, interviews will be held online via Microsoft Teams.

International applicants should also be prepared to attend an interview.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Aston Medical School

At Aston University, the following topics are typically covered in Medicine interview questions:

  • Communication – both written and oral
  • Listening
  • Empathy, compassion, respect and dignity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Problem-solving
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Leading and following
  • Knowing your limitations and knowing when to ask for help

Sample interview questions might include:

  • What would you do if someone in your PBL group mentioned that they are feeling continuously low and think that they are depressed?
  • Tell me about a time you demonstrated good communication. What did you find challenging and what did you learn from the experience?
  • Do you think teamwork or leadership is more important for a Doctor?
  • Why do you want to study at Aston University?
  • Tell me about a challenging situation you were in.

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Tips For Answering Aston Interview Questions

Know how the Aston interview works

Aston Medicine interviews include 7-10 MMI stations, each assessing something different. They are not designed to test your medical knowledge – instead Aston is looking for you to demonstrate qualities that a Doctor needs. For example:

  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Empathy, compassion, respect and dignity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Problem-solving
  • Motivation
  • Team working
  • Being able to lead as well as follow
  • Knowing your limitations and knowing when to ask for help

You may be able to demonstrate some of these attributes directly at interview through the questions given. However, it might also be useful to think of previous examples where you have shown these qualities (e.g. work experience).

Be prepared to interact with actors

The interview may involve a role play scenario with an actor. Try to pretend that the situation is real: How would you react in real life to this person? How would you show empathy?

Read the GMC guidelines

The MMIs at Aston include a number of different stations based on the GMC’s Good Medical Practice and the NHS Constitution.

It’s a good idea to have a brief read of these documents so you have a better understanding of the NHS and what is expected of medical professionals.

Try to think about any relevant experience you have

Aston does not have set requirements for work experience – they recognise that it can be hard to secure medical experience and that you can get the same value from non-medical work experience.

Think about any experiences you have in a caring environment which can be linked to Medicine and the qualities of a Doctor (e.g. volunteering in a care home). Reflect on what you learned from these experiences to prepare for your interview.

Have an understanding of the course and use of clinical placements at Aston

The course at Aston has a large emphasis on clinical placements and gaining experience in primary, secondary and tertiary care. The amount of clinical experience you get increases as the course goes on – but even in the first year, you have two one-week placements in primary care, one being very early on.

It’s useful as a medical student to get clinical experience early on, and this isn’t something offered by all Medical Schools. Make sure you can talk about the benefits of this and why it appeals to you.

How Are Interviews At Aston Assessed?

The decision of an offer will be based on academic qualifications, UCAT score and performance at interview. These will be used to form an overall final ranking. The highest-ranking students will be offered a place to study.

Aston anticipates that the majority of decisions will be made before mid-May 2024. However, many decisions are usually communicated earlier than this.


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