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University College London Medical School has a total intake of 350 students per year. It consistently ranks in the top 3 in league tables, and its central London location is a draw for many prospective students. The teaching style is Traditional, with lectures, seminars, tutorials, small group work and lab work comprising the bulk of the curriculum in the first years.

Dissection, prosection and computer simulation also play a part. In the later years, clinical experience is gained through attachments to consultants and doctors in locations across London. The options for Student Selected Components are broad, including courses in the arts, languages, humanities and teaching. Selection to go on to study for a PhD, also at UCL, takes place in the third year of the course.

Course structure:

6 year Traditional course with integrated BSc in the third year.

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Case Study

Year of Study:
4th Year (First Clinical Year)

 What are the best things about your medical school?

  1. The variety of BScs available to us and the opportunities we have to get involved with so many specialties before we even start studying in the hospital.
  2. The variety of patients we see as we cover such a large area of London/Hertfordshire.
  3. The rivalry of RUMS (the medics) against UCLU sports teams!

What are the hardest things about your course?

  1. The lack of gaps between days of full contact (for example, 8am-6pm) and exams.
  2. The sheer amount of things to learn.
  3. Trying not to compare yourself to what everyone else seems to know.

What’s the social side of your medical school like?

Loud! With masses of sports teams, a performing arts team, a choir and several bands as well as a massive MedSoc, there’s always something going on and chances are it involves a lot of people, a lot of noise, and beating UCL at something.

What tips would you give to someone applying to your medical school?

  1. Be yourself – interviewers can tell when you’re lying.
  2. Be enthusiastic!
  3. Play on any extra-curriculars or outside interests you have- UCLMS loves people who aren’t just cookie cutter medics (i.e. Biology/Chemistry/Maths A levels, plus Duke of Edinburgh and some volunteering).

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