If you’ve been invited to a Medical School interview at the University of Manchester, check out the common Medicine interview questions you might face.

Manchester University Medical Interviews

In 2019/20, Manchester University received 2795 applications for Medicine, 1587 of which progressed to interview and 870 offers were made. The 2020/21 data is yet to become available.

Manchester Medical School starts by screening all applications to ensure academic requirements meet their threshold for that year. A threshold is also set for the UCAT and any applicant meeting that threshold, along with the minimum academic requirements, will most likely be invited to interview.

Candidates who don’t meet the UCAT threshold may still apply and be considered in a more holistic assessment. However, applicants with a Band 4 in the SJT section of the UCAT will not be considered further.

Application statistics for previous years are published by the University of Manchester and can be found here.


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How Is Manchester Interviewing For 2023 Entry Medicine?

Manchester uses MMI interviews with 4-5 stations, and they usually take place between December and February.

For 2023 entry, applicants can select their preferred interview option of online via Zoom, or in-person on campus. A limited number of each option is available and you can find out more on the website.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Manchester University

The following are common themes in Manchester interview questions:

Sample questions might include:

  • Have you considered any NHS careers other than Medicine?
  • What key points would you be aware of when communicating bad news to a patient?
  • Is there ever a good reason to resuscitate a patient with a DNACPR?
  • What can you tell me about recent developments in cancer research?
  • Tell me about some work experience you have had that changed your perspective on healthcare in some way.
  • Have you thought about what you might like to specialise in?

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Tips For Answering Manchester Interview Questions

Manchester interviewers appreciate a natural, conversational approach to answering questions – there is no need to be especially formal in your answers. Over-rehearsed answers will also be seen in a negative light.

Don’t constantly list previous work experience in every answer. You will only gain credit for talking about your experiences if it is directly relevant to the question being asked.

When discussing medical ethics, you need to show understanding of both sides of the argument. You should also show knowledge of the current GMC guidelines on the topic.

When asked about motivation to study Medicine, make sure you speak realistically about the role of a Doctor. It is good to end on a positive note, however the interviewer needs to see that you understand the many challenges that Doctors face in their careers.

How Are Interviews At Manchester Assessed?

There is no strict scoring system available for medical interviews at Manchester University. Their interview page outlines the attributes that examiners are looking out for to decide which applicants will be made an offer.

Applicants progressing to interview will receive a detailed email on the interview process prior to interview.


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